The Kids


These Kids are Real Stars !

These kids face adversity every day, yet they are so loving, happy and grateful for every little thing they receive.

What brought me to tears was the gift I received when I left to come back to the UK. These kids, who have nothing, were prepared to give up what little they had as a thank you to me for coming – What generosity! ” (Andy Robinson – Stupini Kids Chairman)

To look at them, many of these kids look like any other. Yet the clothes they have are provided as “aid” from other countries. It is the conditions that they live in which separates them from most of the young people any of us would know.

As we consider the “necessities” of life, as we call them, take a moment to think about the young child who when offered anything we had taken out with us chose a bar of soap over chocolate, sweets, pens and goodies.

Basics such as a toothbrushes and toothpaste are things that these kids go without more often than not. They might get some bread for a meal but that may be all  they get in any given day.

Yet in all of this you find they are generous with their possessions, with their friendship and with their thanks.

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