On The Ground


The Homework Club currently operates as part of the Asociatia Centrul Vieti Noi (“New Life “) a Romanian NGO and Centrul Crestin Brasov church to provide learning support for the ‘at-risk’ children in poor families of Stupini.

The team consists of 2 paid employees and 4 volunteers.

Lacramioara Caruntu (Lacra) is the visionary behind the Homework Club. Lacra began the Stupini Kids Homework Club in her own home and continues to be the driving force behind the Stupini Kids Project.

anaAs part of the Asociatia Centrul Vieti Noi (“New Life “) Lacra is now employed on a very basic salary which allows her to dedicate all of her time to supporting these very needy children at the Homework Club by cooking meals for the 30 or so children each morning, teaching and visiting them in their homes in Stupini

Lacra is a member of Centrul Crestin Brasov church as well as a youth leader in the Church.

Ana Maria (pictured right) is studying at Brasov University and is the second employed member of the Stupini Kids Project Team.

Both Lacra and Ana spend 4 afternoons per week with approximately 30 children helping them with their homework and giving them something to eat. Homework ranges from reading, writing (including handwriting), mathematics etc.

Below are our precious volunteers. All of them are kids from Stupini who have themselves been students at the Homework Club. They have been part of the Stupini Kids Project since they were little and the club has enabled them to progress to high school. They now want to help the younger ones in the same way they were helped.

These teenagers are a great inspiration for the new generation of Students who are in the Homework Club. It is fantastic for Lacra to see the fruits of her efforts after so many years of hard work. Nicu, Iona and Rodica are also co-workers with Lacra in her capacity as a youth worker at Centrul Crestin Brasov church.



  1. Hi,

    I was searching for information on Romania when I came across burnefamily blog and then this site. I must say I’m really touched by what you are doing for the kids. God bless you.


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