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  2. Hi,
    I am a friend of Stupini Kids on Facebook and of Steve Marsh from the Isle of Wight team who visit you in October each year.
    I would like to be able to make a very small donation whenever possible by card or transfer if you tell me the details and what online payment facility you have.
    I currently live in a peaceful village about 4 hours from Bulgaria and am also on the Isle of Wight but not able to donate food/goods this year as I am not there.
    Thank you
    Kind Regards
    Karen Kadi

  3. Hello Stupini Kids,
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  4. Hiya Andy, its the Hobbit here, can you give my email address to Nico’s brother so he can contact me regarding his guitar I gave him,can’t seem to get him on Facebook. We had a good trip sorry not to see you.


  5. Hello – I’d like to make a donation to Stupini Kids – can you email me and let me know the best way to go about this? Thank you.

  6. Hello – I’d like to make a donation to Stupini Kids – can you email me and let me know the best way to go about this? Thank you. You can email me at

  7. I would like to make a donation, please can you send me bank details.
    Best regards

  8. Hello – I’d like to make a donation to Stupini Kids – can you email me and let me know the best way to go about this? Thank you. You can email me at

  9. Hi Lacra & Andy

    I have been given £10 to donate to you – do you have a paypal account I can pay this in to – or other arrangements. Hope you are all well.

    Thanks Sandi

  10. Dear Larcra

    I’m emailing because I’m wondering if there are any volunteering opportunities you have at Stupini Kids where I could serve you and the kids for a short term trip (up to two weeks).

    David Farndale suggested I contact you as I asked CRY about volunteering opportunities and he thought Stupini Kids might be a possibility.

    I’ve had some experience of working with children overseas as I helped in a children’s centre for two weeks in the Middle East. I have compassion for children in poor and difficult situations and would like to get some more experience helping with a project supporting them, as I think God wants me to work with children in poverty overseas in the longer term in the future and I think this would be good preparation. However, I also want to serve and help a project – I don’t want to get involved in something just for my own sake.

    Unfortunately I only speak English so I don’t know if I can help. But please could you let me know if there would be any opportunity to get involved?

    God bless,

  11. I have a number of used mattresses to give away. Can they be of use to you for Romania? Could you collect them from me?
    BPJL, 01983 882740

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  13. Hi,
    I am from Kings church Horsham, please could you send me details of how to donate, as I haven’t had time to do a box thank you

    • Hi Claire, you can send a cheque payable to Kings Church Horsham and write on the back STUPINI KIDS or your can do a direct transfer and set the reference as STUPINI KIDS … hope that helps 🙂

  14. Hello! I’m a visiting Fulbright English teacher who will be relocating to Brasov on 30 January. I will be in town until 30 June, and am very interested in potentially volunteering with Stupini Kids. If there is any way in which I can get involved, please email me!

  15. Hi…. I did a tough mudder event organised by Nick Tasquier in aid of your charity/work. however the final donations of £25 have only just come in and the virgingiving page has expired. Can you inform me the best way to donate the money. Thanks, Tom

    • Thanks Tom, you can always give via Kings Church Horsham (

  16. Hi
    My name is laura and I’m a British girl in Brasov, and I would love to help you with your projects.I have been working with the council but feel very limited in regards to what I can do in current situation: I’m supposedly helping look after and teach kids here but find what I’m allowed to do very limited.
    I’m fully crb checked and it is my ambition to eventually have my own charity that provides a place for Roma and street kids to have a centre that they can drop into and just be kids.
    I hope to hear from you as I’m very frustrated with lack of what I am doing to help currently.
    Thank you for taking time to read my message.

  17. Hi. It’s Angus Hogg here. Can you please contact me on my email address with a private email address to write to you on. Many thanks.

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