Stupini was once a village, but is now an extremely poor suburb of Brasov, Romania

stupini-blocksThe blocks shown here are very basic to say the least. Even things you or I would expect in basic conditions are non-existent in these blocks. The “apartments” have no electricity or running water. They have no toilet and no heating.

There are approximately eight “apartments” on each floor and the ones I have visited were no more than 9 meters by 4 meters. One of these had 5 adults and 11 children living in it!

On each floor, shared by 8 apartments is a “bathroom/kitchen” area that provides water for washing, cooking, cleaning etc (pictured below). Immediately adjacent to this are 2 toilets … for 8 apartments, one with 16 people in it!

stupini-bathroomOn one visit I was told that all 11 children in the flat with 16 people in it, had been taken to hospital forcibly by the police as they had all contacted tuberculosis(TB). I know these kids, I had worked with them and this was devastating to me; more so to Lacra and the team who work with them every day.

There is so little money that the parents could not afford the bus fare to the hospital to visit the children. The bus fare is £3!

There are problems in Stupini. Alcohol is an escape for many, particularly the men who also find beating their children a way out from their own frustrations. Many girls turn to prostitution as a way out, finding the risks associated with that less of a threat than being at home.

This is why the Stupini Homework Club is so important. It helps the kids pass their exams, get into good high schools and leave with qualifications that will allow them to get and hold down good jobs.

Giving cash to the parents just results in more alcohol and more problems. Investing in the Stupini Kids Project which delivers this homework club ensures that the investment is in these kids education and providing a sustainable future for them all.

Please, if you can give anything, however small, or large … please click here and make a real difference today. In Romania right now a small amount of British pounds goes a long way. Your contribution will make a real difference to the Stupini Kids.

Please click here if you would like to make a donation.

Andy Robinson
Youth Worker, Horsham, England
Part Time Volunteer at Stupini Kids Homework Club


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