Posted by: aburne | 17/10/2015

New Season for Stupinikids

In the summer the CVN building where the Stupinikids have met in over the last 12 years was sold. Although only a building it has served its purpose in seeing many kids passing through the building and being blessed with the homework club.

Although it is a mixture of sadness and excitement in seeing this building being sold. Sadness that the building has gone but also excitement in what the future brings.

The homework club has now relocated temporary to the CBV church offices where so many people have helped and refurbished  the building. So now we have a room for the creche and a large room for the homework club.

A beautiful room for the creche

A beautiful room for the creche

Our activities and vision stay the same but only our location has changed.  The aim is to relocate to the Stupini area when the right location at the right price comes available.

Our current activities still include running the homework club, the creche and the food bank.

We now look forward to this season as we continue this vital ministry.

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