Posted by: aburne | 03/06/2015

Andy & Liam’s Arctic Circle Trip

Andy Robinson has been involved in the Stupinikids for over a decade now and this month he is organising a fundraising trip to the Arctic Circle in support of the Stupinikids. The following article is written by Andy and taken with his permission from his fundraising page;

“Many of you will know that I have been involved in the nation of Romania for a decade now. I usually travel there 2 or 3 times a year and have a particular love and connection with a group of under privileged kids we call the STUPINI KIDS.

These kids are the most loving and caring kids I have met despite living in poor and cramped conditions, few possessions and little chance of completing there education. We, as a church, have been financially and practically committed to the Stupini Kids Project which is designed to help them finish school, gain qualifications and get jobs. The project employs 2 teaching staff as 2 pastoral staff which provide the children with both support and improved education. it works too! Many kids are now graduating high school and some have even gone onto university!

The program has lost several sponsors in the last 12-18 months and so in order to close the gap I decided to raise money for them as I do my motorbike ride into the arctic circle and the northern most point of the European mainland with my friend Liam. EVERY PENNY YOU GIVE WILL GO TO THEM as I am financing the trip expenses myself.

It is a 5,000 mile trip and so I am looking to raise £5,000 … just £1/mile.

Please if you can help give anything personally or as a company please, please do.

Many Thanks


PS: You can follow our progress on Twitter or Instagram@50cities


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