Posted by: thatothertomjones | 21/11/2014

A Volunteers View

Hi all,
My names Tom Jones and for the past 2 months i have been a volunteer at the Stupini kids homework club and over the next month i will be letting you know all about the things i have been / am getting up to. So first up a quick summary as to what i’m doing here.

I came out to Romania to serve the Centrul Crestin Brasov church after getting in contact though my own church back in England. One way they suggested i do this is by helping out at the homework club for children living in Stupini. At the moment i serve at another organisation, Diaconia, in the morning and get to CVN at 1pm, helping children aged around 8 – 14 with Maths and then children aged 14 and over with Maths and English.

Now each of the following posts will have a theme: coping with a foreign language and my relationship with the kids; visitors who have come in the time that I’ve been here; and hopefully more when i think of new stuff…

So i hope all that i’ll write will be helpful in letting you know more about what goes on here and how this wonderful organisation does so much for these kids!

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