Posted by: aburne | 09/10/2014

Isle of Wight Guys Visit the Centre

In the beginning of the October a team from the Isle of Wight visited the centre as they do every year. This year 8 guys came bringing lots of donations from the Isle of Wight.


For a few of them this was their 10th Anniversary in making the annual trip to Brasov. So thanks Steve Marsh and team for making this effort over the last 10 years and a deep thank you for the generosity from the people of the Isle of Wight. Although many people who made these donations probably have never set foot in Romania we are extremely grateful of you thinking of us.

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The team brought many different types of donations including clothes, medical supplies stable foods and they even even bought a washing machine for the centre as the centre’s one had just broken and was beyond repair.


Thanks Guys!!


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