Posted by: aburne | 07/06/2013

Stupinikids Newsletter June 2013

In the beginning of June the school terms ends. The kids are very excited about this as this means a long hot summer of no need of getting up early for school or doing hours and hours of home work.

Also the kids are getting very excited about the thought of the Stupinikids Summer camp which is in just a couple of weeks. This for many of them is the highlight of the summer and even now the kids are chatting about it, but more of that in our next newsletter.

Just now it is a great opportunity to review our year and see how everything is getting on.

Homework Club

The vision of the Stupinikids homework has always been to help these kids in their education so they can make informed decisions in their lives with the aim of breaking the cycle of poverty which many of these kids come from.

When we refer to the cycle of poverty we are referring to a general situation where kids may be brought up in families where the father may be unemployed or doesn’t have much income, there may be substance addiction and generally the kids perform badly at school with no encouragement or no positive role models in their lives. In turn the kids drop our of school with no formal education and then find it hard to get employment. With no income or prospects they are in great risk in entering prostitution or a life of crime. Even if they don’t end up in prostitution or in crime the chances are that this cycle of poverty will be repeated in their lives and the lives of their children.

Our aim then is to see this cycle broken and one of the best tools in doing this is through education.

This year 30 kids attended the homework club. Out of the 30 kids attending 28 kids passed the year. 10 kids did so well that they got prizes for finishing in the top in their year or one of the subjects. It is so encouraging seeing these kids blossom and do well however we also realize that we have a lot more work to do in encouraging all the kids to do well and also as they grow older to persevere in their education and to make wise choices.


The creche has been a pilot project which only started this year. The aim of the creche is to provide a facility where mothers can leave their children while they can work or to give them a break during the day. This is specifically challenging for single mothers who might have very little income coming in.

So far we have 10 young children coming into the creche from various backgrounds.

Food Bank

One of the saddest aspects of a recession if that although everyone suffers the poor suffer the most. This is specifically true in Romania where many people struggle day to day paying their bills and providing food for their families.

The aim of the food bank is once a month to provide basic food commodities to families in need. We provide meat, flour, oil, pasta and other basic foods to help families. What we provide feels a drop in the ocean compared the needs out there. Currently we are providing for 25 families and due to budget constraints there are many we have to turn down.

So as we look back on the year we are very grateful for what has been achieved and seeing so many lives being touched in the community. We are also very grateful for everyone’s support and realise that without you this would never happen. We also realise there is so much need out there and need wisdom in who and what we can do.

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