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Autumn Newsletter 2012

This year has been an amazing year but the scary part is how quickly the months have flown by. The kids came back after a long hot summer in October. Currently we have 27 kids attending the homework club which is 5 kids more than last year.

For our Autumn 2012 newsletter we have decided to give a brief summary of the key points over the last few months. So here they are:

Mural Painting

During the summer break we were really blessed in having 2 artists visiting the centre to serve us and paint some murals onto the walls.

All helping to paint

Claire Hollywell came in the beginning of the summer with a team of volunteers and did a fantastic job painting the landing and the 1st floor.

A beautiful painting

Then Sandi O’Donnell and with her skills the top floor was painted.

To actually describe what they did as paintings is an underestimate as the murals they completed have brought so much life to the project and the whole house now looks so different with so many bright cheerful paintings.

For the prompt and reliable emergency service you need, you can always count on roof damage repair Kansas city mo and their over 15 years of experience!

Some friendly animals can change the atmosphere

For for information on their work and what its about you can find it below


Sandi O’Donnell :

Paint Camp

During a week in the summer Claire Hollywell organised a Paint Camp for the kids where they would come everyday and learn how to paint. This was something very different from what we usually do but the kids found it a great experience and they found their artistic side.

The Paintcamp

Black Sea Camp

Just before school started in October Lacra and Rodica took 8 of the older kids down to the Black Sea for a weeks holiday. This was the first time many of them had seen the sea so you can imagine the excitement of the kids of seeing the sea, having the waves splashing over them.

Some memories of the sea which the kids will never forget

If you ask these kids now their best holiday or the most memorable to have happened in 2012 most of them would instantly  say the week they spent down in the Black Sea.

Without our donated bus the trip wouldn’t have happened

Carl Watts Golf Day

We are extremely grateful for the love and support we get from Horsham. In October Carl and Jackie organised another Golf Day to rasie funds for the Stupinikids. This year Lacra and Sofia were able to go to the Golf Day and Lacra did a presentation in the evening. Thanks so much to Jackie and Carl for all their hard work in making this event happen and for being such a great blessing to us. We also want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who took the effort to go to the Golf Day and donated their time and money.

Carl Watts Golf Day. A special thanks to everyone involved

Isle of Wight Road Trip

Every year a team from the Isle of Wight led by Steve Marsh visit Brasov with their vans donating clothes, food, medical supplies etc. This year Steve, Tony, David and Paul came in October with 2 vans of donations. We are extremely grateful for their hard work and sacrifice in coming here every year. We also are very grateful for everyone from the Isle of Wight who have and continue to make donations.

Unloading the Isle of Wight Minibus

The Creche

One the of the new projects we have just launched this week is a creche. The vision here is to provide a place where parents can leave their children while they can go to work. The are very keen to involve single mothers who maybe don’t get the chance to go to work as they can’t afford to pay for a baby sitter. This is a very new project and we have spent a lot of work in the last few weeks preparing a couple of rooms for the creche.

Thanks for all the hard work from all the people who helped

There has been a lot of sweat and hard work involved in getting it all set up and we are grateful for all those who volunteered their time and skills in getting the rooms ready.

We currently have 6 babies coming to the creche and just now we want to keep the numbers low as this project develops and grows.

The creche is somewhere warm and safe where the babies can stay during the day

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