Posted by: aburne | 06/07/2012

Looking back on the last year

As I write this review in scorching temperatures it is hard to believe that we started this year with some of the coldest temperatures in Romania for many a year.

Hard to believe how cold and how much snow we had in January

The start of the year we had great expectations but also great concerns with Lacra and Anna both being off on maternity leave which just left Rodica to do all the cleaning cooking and to help the kids with their homework.

We had however great support from Centrul Crestin Brasov the church which overseas the charity here in Brasov. Through CCBV we got some great volunteers to help kids with their homework.

Thanks to the volunteers we saw a great team built up to work with the kids.

The Horsham shoeboxes for the Christmas Party

The main highlights of the year are definitely the Christmas Party where we had Heather Playfoot visiting this time and the Stupinikids camp which has just ended. The camp was fantastic.

The Stupinikids camp 2012

Another programme which we started this year was a Social food Bank where we gave groceries to some families in need. About approximately 20 families are covered in this project.

When the academic year started in September there were 20 kids on the register. This number rose to 23 from November to February and April to June we had 22 kids attending the homework club.

The fact that the club is voluntary  it is great that we have had seen a consistent level of attendance which suggests it is place where the kids love coming to.

At the end of the academic year 13 kids received awards from their school for getting the highest mark in their classes. So congratulations to our kids.

Our vision for the homework club is to see kids educated out of poverty and being able to make wise decisions regarding their future.

We really really want these kids to succeed in all that they do and we really want to thank everyone connected to stupinikids whether a sponsor or a volunteer. Thanks for your support we realise we could not do this with out you.


Lacra and the team

Finally we welcome Sofia Hannah Burne into the world. Born 11-1-12





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