Posted by: aburne | 02/07/2012

Summer Camp 2012

This years Stupinikids summer camp was held in the same place where we had it last year, in the ski resort of Poiana Brasov.

We had such a fantastic time last year that there were  great expectations from the kids for this years camp.

The theme this year was the Armour of God which involved a morning session and evening session every day.

This Years Theme Armour of God

Each session produced some great drama, songs and teaching and I was so impressed on how well the dramas and the presentations were presented to the kids. Great gifting and hard work was evident from the team which was a combination of volunteers from Kings Church Horsham and volunteers from from CCBV Brasov.

Great Friendships were formed

The days were packed with great activities from paint facing, frame making and even the kids making catapults.

Great Games

On the second last day the icing on the cake was the Camps’ Olympic Games….. which will be far more exciting and fun than this years London Olympic Games!!!

Great Conversations were started

The kids were divided into different teams and had to go round in teams and produce the best results to win points.

Getting ready for the Olympic games

But the final final icing on the cake was the Slippery  Slide which basically was a 30 metre sheet of plastic placed on a steep hill, with lots of water and washing liquid  thrown on and the kids just zoomed down the slide like excited penguins.

The slide was fantastic

This year 25 kids attended the camp with ages ranging from 6 years to 14 years, for many of these kids this will be the only holiday they will have. So it was with great joy that we served these kids.

Everyone one loved the slippery slide

Finally… thanks to everyone who allowed this camp to happen

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