Posted by: aburne | 21/06/2012

Thanks to all our Volunteers

Since January Rodica has been holding the fort at the Stupinikids club on a daily basis, due to the fact that Anna and Lacra were both on maternity.

The Stupinikids Volunteers

We have however been greatly blessed by a faithful group of volunteers who come on a regular basis to help the kids with their homework.

Sheila and Hajni show off their certificates

Our volunteers come from many walks of life, some are working, some are students and one is retired.

Yesterday we organised a BBQ to say thank you for the volunteers and Adrian Aldea who overseas project presented each one with a certificate.

Some of the Volunteers make great baby sitters as well!!

We are blessed by having such a great team of volunteers of which without them having such a positive input into these kids lives the homework club would have really really struggled this year.

The Volunteers were from all age groups

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