Posted by: aburne | 21/12/2011

Enjoying the new minibus

Recently Stupinikids was donated a minibus by RSA in the UK.  The minibus arrived in November however we only started the registration process last week.  This involves registering the minibus temporary using red number plates which you must renew once a month upto a maximum of 3 months before you permanently register it.

Getting ready to leave for Zizin with our shoeboxes

The first job we had to do was to purchase winter tyres which are now a legal requirement in Romania.

The minibus was registered just at the right moment as the last week it has been an amazing tool to transport people and christmas shoe boxes into various roma villages.

The first transport day was on the Sunday where we transported christmas shoe boxes and some of the stupinikids to Zizin where the shoeboxes were distributes to roma children.

Shoeboxes at Zizin

The next job was to pick up Heather Playfoot from Bucharest airport who was over with her nephew to see the Horsham showboxes distributed.

Time to upload the minibus again with the Christmas shoe boxes

The next day we went a roma school on the outskirts of Sacele to watch the pupils of the school do an amazing nativity play for us and afterwards we distributed the Horsham shoeboxes. We were deeply touched by the fantastic play these young kids and the hard work and love the teachers showed.

Loading the shoeboxes onto the horse and cart

The next day we went to a roma nursery on the outskirts of Brasov to distribute more of the Horsham shoeboxes. The area was very remote and unfortunately even with our brand new winter tyres on our RSA minibus were not enough to take us through the snow up the mountain pass so we had to unload all the shoeboxes onto a horse and cart and travel with horse and cart through the deep snow to our destination…… yes a great adventure, where we distributed the shoeboxes to very excited kids.

Heading up the mountain pass with the shoeboxes

Some grateful kids with their Christmas shoeboxes

Then we had to hurry back to Brasov for the start of the Stupinikids Christmas Party.

Tomorrow head back to drop Heather Playfoot back to Bucharest airport.

We have had an extremely but very fruitful week and we are so appreciative or RSA for donating this minibus. Without this minibus most of this week wouldn’t have happened.

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