Posted by: aburne | 09/12/2011

December Newsletter

Currently their is a hive of activity at the home work club as we prepare for the Christmas party.

The Christmas Party is on Wednesday 21st of December and all the kids will be involved in various plays and presentations. As I write this update I can hear them laughing and dancing as they rehearse their various roles.

One exciting costume for the party

The volunteers and the workers are having a great time with the kids as we prepare for the party although it requires a lot of patience.

Dragos is a Director for one of the plays!!

The Christmas Shoe boxes arrived from Horsham last Sunday and thankfully we were well prepared with lots of volunteers to help unload the lorry.

Some of the shoe boxes will given out at the party and the rest will be given out in other areas of Brasov, but more of this in our next news letter.

Some of the Horsham Shoe Boxes...thanks for everyone who gave!!

When the kids are not getting ready for the Christmas Party they are busy completing their homework. Currently in December we have approximately 25 kids coming to the centre on a daily basis.


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