Posted by: aburne | 14/11/2011

Isle of Wight Visit October 2011

In the beginning of October a Team from the Isle of Wight came out with 2 vans packed with aid for Stupinikids.

Some of the kids helping to unload the vans

The aid consisted of bags of disposable nappies, baby equipment, clothes, stable food products, toys and many many more items.

Some great jackets were donated

A team from the Isle of Wight  have been driving out for several years now with aid for Brasov and the last few years the team had consisted of  Dave Edwards, Steve Marsh, Tony Delannoy and Paul Cray. These guys have faithfully driven out every year with their vans loaded with practical items, and we are extremely grateful for the compassion they have shown to the people of this area.

Nicu handing out some of the clothes to the kids

We are also extremely grateful for the kindness many people and businesses from the Isle of Wight have shown in sacrifices time and money to support this project.

Many thanks and love from the Stupinikids

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