Posted by: aburne | 14/09/2011

September Newsletter 2011

This week is the start of the new school term out here in Romania.

On Monday as the usual custom is, the children went to the school with large bunches of flowers for their teachers…pity any teacher with hey-fever!! The headmaster and the local priest and maybe a politician would make some speeches to the kids in the play ground, then the kids would then get their timetable for the following semester.

On Tuesday this week the Stupinikids homework club started in line with the new school term, minus the flowers and the speeches.

So far approx 18 kids have enrolled with us but I’m sure this number could go up.

The new term year always starts with great excitement just wondering what this year will hold our for us. Our desire is to really see these kids perserve in their education and homework and not give up so easily.

More and more I am convinced that education can be a key in allowing these children to grow up to make informed choices and to escape the cycle of deprivation.

So our target is to see these children do well not only in this term but in the years ahead.

In other news, we keep the exciting news to last. Ana-Maria is now on maternity leave and is expecting her baby any week now. So we wish Ana-Maria and her husband Marius all the best just now and are looking forward in seeing the new baby. Ana will of course be coming back once the maternity leave is over.

Looking forward in Ana-Maria becoming a Mother!!




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