Posted by: aburne | 23/07/2011

Stupinikids Camp 2011

One of the big events of the stupinikids calendar is our summer camp which we have every year. This year the camp was held in mountain resort of  Poiana Brasov.

Altogether there must have been about 40 of us including the team from Kings Church Horsham.

An icebreaker before one of the main meetings

The general programme of  day included a morning and evening meeting after our main meals and during the day kids were occupied with games, face painting and making crafts.

Serena & Ioana taking one of the evening sessions

On the 2nd last day of the camp  we arranged a mini Olympics for the kids (watch out London…here we come) and it must be said that Nicu Codreanu did a fantastic job organising the whole day.

The Young in Heart really got into the outdoor games!!

At the Olympics the kids were divided into teams  and competed against each other in each game.

One of the games from the Olympics

Legs Up!! another game at the Olympics

On the last night of the camp we had our traditional bonfire,  sitting round a camp fire in the pitch blackness of the night and staring at the stars above is  an experience the kids always love.

Every year I am always moved by the excitement of kids leading up to the camp and just their sheer delight in being able to get to the camp.

The Camp Fire one of the many great memories

This year the camp was fantastic with great weather, great location and great company. Also a special warm thanks to the volunteers from the Kings Church Horsham who come every year and make this camp possible.

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