Posted by: aburne | 21/10/2010

October 2010 Newsletter

We are now in our 2nd month of the new school and the long summer holidays are now a distant memory.

So far this term we are seeing approximately 25 to 30 kids coming on a daily basis coming for help with their homework and for meal.

On Saturday we kicked off the kids home group which saw 15 kids turning up.

Serving such a large amount of kids is a great blessing but also brings great challenges and responsibility and it’s our hearts desire to see this generation of kids being blessed.

Unloading the pasta from the van

We are also very blessed and really appreciate the support we get from overseas. This October without exception saw the Isle of Wight team driving out with 2 vans loaded with donations such as blankets, clothes, kids toys, medicine, dried stable food such as pasta and rice plus other items. The team for the last few years has consisted of Dave Edwards, Steve Marsh, Tony Delannoy and Paul Cray who have faithfully driven out every year with their vans loaded with practical items.

A Happy New Bike Owner

These journeys the team makes have their own risks and this year unfortunately Dave Edwards van on the way back broke down in a Germany and it took him, at considerable cost and time, to limp back home to the Isle of Wight.

Enjoying the Cuddly Toys

So we really want to thank these guys, the businesses and families on the Isle of Wight who make such a great sacrifice every year to donate to Brasov.

Thanks guys for your support!!

On other news Gabi and Ioana  have successfully completed their first year at university and are now in their second year. Gabi is also working part-time in administration in an office in Brasov and Ioana is currently working in the mornings in a children’s nursery situated is a gypsy village outside Brasov.

Congratulations to both girls in successfully completing their first year at university.

Dragos Testing out some of new gifts!!

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