Posted by: aburne | 17/09/2010

Sept 2010 Newsletter

This week school started for over 3 million kids in Romania. We actually get quite long summer holidays in Romania starting in the beginning of June and ending mid September. Therefore is always a shock to the system for the kids going back to school.

New Term at the Homework Club

New Term at the Homework Club

The homework club also started this week. The first week is always very busy just enrolling the kids and going through the daily routines with them. This week we have had 20 kids enrolling onto the homework club which means we are very busy and don’t have much space.

The Tree of Hands under construction

Thankfully the kids came back to a room which had been newly painted and desks and benches we had all been freshly varnished. We even had an artist Claire Hollywell who painted some great symbols on the walls; a rainbow and a tree of hands. We hope to make more use of Claire as she has volunteered to do art classes with kids this term.

The Finished Rainbow

The Finished Rainbow

In the next 2 weeks we welcome  Steve Marsh and his team from the Isle of Wight. They faithfully come every year bringing donations from the Isle of Wight.  But more of that in our next Newsletter.

Dragos working hard varnishing the tables

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