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Summer Newsletter 2010

Our kids summer camp this year was held in June. With the team from Kings Church Horsham and our own Romanian volunteers plus many giggling excited kids we made our way to Podu Olt a village just out side Brasov.

This year all the kids were staying in tents, a change from the last couple of years where we have stayed in chalets.

The theme of this Camp was The Fruits of the Holy Spirit and the Horsham team did a fantastic time in their drama presentations and running the whole meetings. The typical day would start with the volunteers meeting for prayer, then breakfast and devotions for the kids. We would then have a morning meeting starting off with worship, some great ice breakers for the kids, drama presentation and a short talk. The rest of the day would be full of sporting activities and games. In the evening we would have another meeting.

Horsham Team on Fruits of the Spirit

The rest of the time on the camp was full of various activities from playing net ball, football, face painting and we even crammed in some horse riding for the kids.

Creative Arts with the Kids

One day we decided to take an outing where we would walk with the kids for a couple of hours up to a hill overlooking the village. We started off in the morning the weather was reasonable only for within an hour to be hit with a monsoon of rain which came out of no-where with no warning at all. Of course we thought it was only going to be  quick shower. Oh how wrong we were. Everyone was completely soaked to the skin.

Just Singing in the Rain

When we got back to the camp a lot of the camp was full of water. But thankfully all our tents remained waterproof apart from one of the small ones. The water soon subsided but it was day none of us will forget in a hurry.

We were actually very thankful for the facilities in this camp as the last 2 days it rained quite heavily however we had a barn we could use for the meetings and all the games.

All ages seemed to enjoy getting their faces painted

We are also extremely grateful and thankful for the funds and sacrifices people had made to allow this camp to happen. With the current global economic situation we were very aware leading up to the camp that it might be a financial challenge to have the camp where it was. But thanks to God for his Perfect Provision in providing the funds and resources for this years camp.

Stupini Camp 2010

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