Posted by: aburne | 02/04/2010

Happy Easter

On Thursday 1st April it was the last day of the homework club prior to the Easter Holidays. The last few days the kids have been getting quite excited with the thought of the 2 weeks of holidays from the schools.

Easter Eggs Painted by the Kids

Thursday however was a time of celebrating where some of  Kids painted eggs which is the traditional thing to do in Romania and had a special meal with the Street Kids charity, played a few games and heard a message of the True Meaning of Easter.

Easter Time with the Stupini Kids

Easter Time with the Stupinikids

The kids and the volunteers are now on holiday for 2 weeks and then we start the final term leading up to holiday..WOW can’t believe how quickly this year has gone.

We would now take this special moment to to wish all our readers and supporters a Happy Easter.


The Stupinikids

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