Posted by: aburne | 24/03/2010

Spring Newsletter 2010

Dear friends,

As we write this update Christmas is well behind us and we are now looking forward to the Easter Break which will be in a few weeks time. Every now and then we get a little hope that spring is in the air only for it to be dashed with sudden snow showers.

In a couple of weeks time we will have the Easter party!!!   The kids will paint some eggs,  play games, eat cakes and will hear the story of Easter. We are all excited and look forward to that.

Last week we had the enormous pleasure of Andy and Hazel Robinson, from Horsham UK, visiting Brasov to carry out engagements with the church here but also to spend time with the Stupini Kids.

Andy and Hazel Robinson and Kings Church Horsham have over the last few years made significant financial and time contributions to Stupini Kids. Therefore it was great have people spending time with the kids who are totally behind the vision of Stupini Kids.

Andy Robinson with the Stupini Kids

Andy Robinson with the Stupini Kids

Currently at Stupini Kids we are still seeing approximately 16-20 kids coming during the week for a hot meal and help with their homework.  Ioana and Gabi who used to be kids on the homework club and are now volunteers are also doing well in their first year at university, both have just done well in their recent exams. It is such an encouragement in seeing these kids who completed their schooling now excelling at university. Gabi and Nicu both now have jobs…… hopefully we can catch up with them on our next newsletter just to find out what they are now actually doing.

Lunch Time at Stupini

Lunchtime with the Stupinikids

The last few months have been significantly challenging for us as the Global recession takes its toll. In the UK and Germany we have seen a significant decrease in the regular sponsorship due to people not having the ready cash to give. We are extremely grateful for people who have been regular sponsors over the last few years but for now can’t support the project. We want to take this opportunity to thank you for the sacrifices you have made in the past and can understand if you no longer have the means to support us. Thanks for being such a blessing to the kids here.

On the back of these challenging times we were shocked, in a happy way, to receive a significant financial gift from FeG Rebland a church in Germany. This gift covered one month and the half of the financial cost to run the project we are very thank full. We were also thank full to receive regular financial support  from CVJM Rumanienhilfe Steinheim in Germany. ( Lacra and Andy are also thankful for the recent financial gift, a real financial blessing).

We are extremely encouraged and blessed by these gifts which allow us all to sow positively into these kids lives.  Thank you all for your support and sacrifices we find them extremely encouraging in some financially challenging times like that.

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