Posted by: aburne | 22/12/2009

Christmas Party 2009

On Wednesday 16th December Stupini kids had their Christmas Party. The Christmas party as every year ran in partnership with Asociatia Centrul Vietii Noi, the Street Kids charity.

Stupinikids Christmas Party 2009 Awaits

From Stupini kids 25 of our regular kids turned up plus about another 25 kids from the Stupini area who have in the past attended the day centre. With approximately 50 kids plus some of their parents and a few babies and not forgetting the street kids it was very packed Christmas party.

The Shepherds get all excited in visiting baby Jesus

The party started with some Christmas songs and many games. The Stupini kids then did some presentations and then the kids acted out the Nativity story.

The 3 Wise Men looking very Wise

After the Nativity play the suspense in waiting for Santa was broken as Santa turned up with much delight and squeals from the kids and handed out many Christmas presents to all the kids.

Some of the Kids getting for their part in the play

The carefully wrapped Christmas presents were as always supplied by Kings Church Horsham which Heather Playfoot has faithfully organised over the years and also from CVJM Rumanienhilfe, Steinheim which Hilmar, Reinar and their team have over the years faithfully organized.

Many kids and their families have over the years been extremely grateful for the Christmas shoe boxes sent from Horsham and Steinheim.

Christmas Shoe Boxes being handed out by Santa

This year we were also extremely grateful for the provision of chidren clothes from Horsham Kings Church and new shoes for the children which were supplied by Gunter Weckbecker from Moselkern, Germany. The warm shoes with no holes in them over the winter is something which is an extreme blessing for many of the kids.

The Christmas party has always been a joyful occasion with many kids looking forward to it for months. The fact that 50 kids turned up for the party demonstrates how much they love attending it and receiving the precious Christmas shoebox  gifts.

It is a special thanks to so many people who have made it possible. Many of you have made great sacrifices and many of you are unknown to us and will never receive any official recognition. However we want to thank you for bringing such joy and blessing into these kids lives.

The Nativity Scene from the party

We also want to take this opportunity to thank all our sponsors for all your support over the years, especially during this time as many of us face great economic challenges but still have given faithfully in supporting the Stupinikids day centre.

We wish you all and your loved ones and very Blessed Christmas and a Prosperous 2010.

With Love from

Lacra, Anna, Rodica and all the Stupini kids team

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