Posted by: aburne | 06/11/2009

Nov 09 Newsletter

In September Steve Marsh and crew arrived in Brasov after driving from the Isle of Wight for a few days with 2 vans packed with aid. The team from the Isle of Wight has been driving out here faithfully for the last 5 years. This year the team was; Steve Marsh, Dave Edwards, Paul Wray and Tony Delannoy.

Steve Marsh and Dave Hobbit unloading their van

Steve Marsh and Dave Edwards unloading their van

We are really appreciative for what they have given Stupinikids during the last 5 years. This year was no exception  as we received numerous clothes for children and adults, note pads and stationary which are fantastic for the kids, basic medicine, bedding, towels, toys and other items to numerous  for us to mention.

Tony Delannoy taking time out with the kids

Tony Delannoy taking time out with the kids

Most of the stuff we have now given away, especially the clothes which many families appreciate during this time, especially as we see more and more families struggling under the economic situation in Romania.

It is a pleasure to see so many kids happy with their new warm clothes and a special thanks to everyone who contributed in so many ways in seeing these kids blessed. I’m sure most people from the Isle of Wight may not appreciate or comprehend what a blessing these gifts have been too many children and their families.

Isle of Wight team with Stupinikids staff

Isle of Wight team with Stupinikids staff

The day centre is going well with 22 children now turning up daily for help with their homework and to receive a hot meal. This month Rodica becomes  a full-time employer at the centre. We welcome her on board and she will be a great resource for Lacra and Anna as they see so many kids now coming to the centre.

Gifts from Isle of Wight being given out

Gifts from the Isle of Wight being given out

We are also very grateful for a couple of families from the UK who are sponsoring Gabi and Ioana through university here in Brasov.

The current political situation in Romania is very fragmented, initially one would wonder what effect this could have on our home work club. But with Romania now without Boc’s government to push through the reforms demanded by the IMF when they gave a 20 billion euro loan in the summer and parliament and the president no further in agreeing a prime minister. This could affect further installments of the IMF loan if the IMF conditions are not met and could destabilize the economy even further.

This will have an effect on everyone in Romania and unfortunately the poorest and most vulnerable will be the most affected.


  1. Glad it’s all getting used guys! We are planning 6th Trip already. Don’t be surprised if ‘neil’ arrives in April. Keep the wish list updated and also the update on planning at Stupini x

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