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October 09 Newsletter

The kids started the new academic season 3 weeks ago. Long gone are the memories of the summer holiday as the new term kicks into life.

At the homework club we have 17 kids registered for the homework club and who would turn up to the club every week day when they have school. This year for the first time we have taken 2 kids into the club who do not live in the Stupini area.

To give you a brief update, if you are new to the site, on what happens on a daily basis is that the kids would take the bus to the center after they finish school usually at noon. We would give them a meal and then help them complete their homework.

Anna with the watchful eye

Anna with the watchful eye

Sounds very basic but the aim of our club is to help the kids with their homework so they can have a greater potential in leaving school with a better education and thus better prospects for work and making informed decisions in life.

This year 4 of our dedicated volunteers who came through the Stupinikids club finished their high school education. Congratulations to Nicu, Rodica, Ioana & Gabby who finished their education with good marks.

The challenge now, especially in the current economic crisis, in Romania is to see these guys getting work. Ioana & Gabi now enrolled into university, which is fantastic news. However they will still need to find work to fund this.

Some of the kids playing in the yard

Some of the kids playing in the yard

We have taken Rodica on as a full time worker through a scheme run by the Romanian government where they pay a basic wage. (Similar to the old YTS scheme in the UK) However there is no funding available from the Romanian government and in principle when the funding comes through Rodica will be paid. So in the meantime Rodica is a full time volunteer.. Congratulations Rodica!!

Ioana doing homework with the kids

Ioana doing homework with the kids

Next week we await for Steve Marsh and the Firemen crew from the Isle of Wight who are driving from the IoW to Brasov with charity aid which was donated by people in the Isle of Wight. But more of that in our next news letter.

Rodica with the kids

Rodica with the kids

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