Posted by: aburne | 26/05/2009

Stupinikids Newsletter May 09

As we write this newsletter we have just a month left of this schools term before the kids break up for the summer holidays.

It is unbelievable how quickly this year has gone and we are so grateful and thankful for the support we receive in seeing this vital homework club continue.

Currently at the school homework club we have a core group of 12 kids who turn up daily. A few months ago one of the kids packed in the school homework club for various reasons. This caused heartbreak for us as we have seen this happen so many times and the implication it has with the kids then dropping out of school, not getting a job and just seeing that cycle of poverty being repeated again.
However we were overjoyed in seeing the child coming back to the club last week with a determination to perserve with her education.

For the last few years the homework club has been renting space at Asociatia Centrul Vietii Noi. The centre is several miles away from the Stupini area. This means the kids everyday have to catch 2 buses to get the centre and 2 buses to get home, whether its sun, rain or snow. Even with these obstacles its so encouraging to see so many kids coming faithfully everyday.

Two weeks we submitted a request to the Mayor of Brasov for permission for land in the Stupini area. This has been our dream for the last 7 years. Running parallel to this Steve Marsh and a group of guys on the Isle of Wight are looking to raise funds to allow us to purchase some portocabins.

The implications in having a base in Stupini are huge as it means we can have a far bigger impact in this needy community as we reach to these kids and their families.

We ask for your prayers as we await for our request to considered by the Mayors office over the next few weeks and of course if any of our readers have portocabins they wish to donate please contact us.

On the other news we are currently organising the summer camp for the kids which will be happening at the end of June and we are looking forward to Andy Robinson and his team, from Horsham, who will be coming out to help us run this.

The homegroup which Nicu and Rodica run on a Saturday is going well with core group of about 8 kids attending this.

One of our challenges for next year is that some of our committed volunteers who have grown up with the stupinikids now finish their schooling and will be hoping to go onto University. Although we are excited and rejoice in seeing some of our team finish their schooling successfully it is also with sadness as we realise that we may be losing some great committed volunteers which will have an impact on our resources.

However we look forward to this new season we are entering with excitement and an anticipation in what it around the corner and we thank you all for the support you have given us to allow us to be a blessing to these kids.

With Love
Lacra, Anna & Team

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