Posted by: aburne | 10/04/2009

Interview with Rodica a Stupinikids Volunteer

Lacra’s husband, Andy Burne,  recently caught up with Rodica Zaharniciuc one of the volunteers at the Stupini project to find out more about her work with Stupinikids and how she got involved. Rodica also runs the Stupinikids house group on Saturdays with Nicu another volunteer with Stupinikids.

AB (Andy Burne): Rodica how long have you been involved with the Stupinikids project.

RZ (Rodica Zaharniciuc): I have been involved with Stupinikids now for about 10 years. The first 2 years it was a kids club and then it became Stupinikids as we know it now about 8 years ago. I live in Stupini and went to the kids club when I was 10 years old and for the last 5 years I have been a volunteer.

AB: Wow that is a long time to be involved in the project. So you went there when  you were a child growing up in Stupini and now you are one of the volunteers. How did the Stupinikids club help you when you were a child?

RZ: When I was a child I was very shy which resulted in me being quite lonely. I also lacked a lot of confidence but when I started to come to the club it helped me to intergrate with the other kids and it basically helped me blossom as a person.

AB: You said you have been volunteering now for the last 5 years. I also notice that you go the homework club faithfully everyday, straight after your school to help the young kids with their homework. I’m actually quite amazed at this commitment you’ve had for the last 5 years. Why are you so committed as an unpaid volunteer?

RZ: I know all these kids and I was one of them once and they don’t have good conditions to learn as their parents all work and just don’t have the time to help them. I just want to be help to these kids and see them finish their schooling as it’s essential that they get this chance in life.

AB: So basically you are a role model for these kids in that you have done the club as a child and now you are finishing senior school which generally speaking most kids from Stupini would have dropped out by now. When do you actually finish school and what happens after you finish school?

RZ: I finish school this summer and I want to go onto university if I get good grades and get the necessary funding to allow me to go onto university.

AB: Thanks Rodica for this interview it is so encouraging to see how you volunteer and that you and the other volunteers are the evidence that the Stupinikids project has a positive impact into these kids lives.

RZ: You are welcome

Rodica at the Homework club

Rodica at the Homework club

Rodica trying to look cool

Rodica trying to look cool

Rodica Stupinikids volunteer

Rodica Stupinikids volunteer


  1. it’s cool to know that Rodica is a person that has ambition to do what God wants her to do,and if you know her better you find that is not only serious in what she’s doing but also in what she’s saying,there’s much to say about her so i let others praise her also,be bless

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