Posted by: Andy Robinson | 30/12/2008

Christmas Party 2008

Christmas Party

On the 15th of December we held the Christmas Party for the Stupini Kids which was also shared with the Street Kids Christmas Party.


We had approximately 40 Stupini kids including the dedicated team of volunteers.


The party started with a few Christmas carols, some games and some the kids sang, danced and read poems. Lacra then brought a gospel message. Father Christmas then burst onto the scene ( It was actually Dragos… sorry to break your dreams) and the Shoebox presents were given out to the kids.


I’m always amazed and so deeply touched in seeing the joy and excitement on these kids faces as they receive their presents.


These presents mean so much to these kids and we really want to thank Kings Church Horsham for their faithfulness over the years in serving these kids and having such a positive input into their lives.


These shoeboxes may seem so insignificant to many but to these kids they are so significant and on behalf on everyone at Stupini Kids I thank you all.


God Bless and Love


Lacra & the Team

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