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2021 Update

As most of you know, our daily activity takes place in the new centre from Stupini. We tried to make it a welcoming place for the kids were they can come with joy.

The last 2 years were very difficult for all of us, some of the time the centre was closed and the kids were in online school, but fortunately now we are open. We still have some restrictions, but we are doing our best to be there for the kids.

At the end of June we had a party to celebrate the end of the school year. We made different activities with the kids (crafts, games), we enjoyed some pizza and cookies together, it was a nice way to celebrate the end of a difficult school year.

In July we organised a great summer camp for the kids. The camp was in Halchiu, Brasov and the kids had a great adventure full of games, crafts, camp fire every night (with hot dogs, marshmallow and singing around the fire). They slept in tents, for some of them was the first time and they really enjoyed it.

In September we started a new school year. We are all very happy and optimistic that it will be a better year. Because we want to make the centre a happy place, were kids enjoy to come, we started to paint the walls and doors with colourful images. We started the year with 16 kids, 12 of them are school kids and 4 of them are toddlers. The school kids are coming to the centre after school, they have lunch and after that they make their homework, play, draw and just spend time together. The toddlers are coming in the morning, some of them are staying until 12.00, some of them are staying until 15.00.

In the end, we want to say a big THANK YOU to all our sponsors, to every person that helped us keep this project alive. We really appreciate all the support.

God bless you all!

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Stupini summer camp 2018

Last week about 35 kids had a fantastic time at the 2018 Stupini summer camp.

We had crafts, night games, a sports day, a zip wire and a fantastic time was had by all, we even got to make a two Ostrich egg omelette!!

The camp takes place each year during the summer and gives the kids from Stupini a chance to get away on holiday and have some well needed fun, without this they would not get a holiday at all so it really makes a big difference in their lives.  They absolutely love it and for both the kids and the volunteers I can honestly say it’s an unforgettable experience.

This year the camp was held at an Ostrich farm just outside Brasov and as with previous years there was a team of people from Kings Church in Horsham who came over to help Lacra and her team based in Romania run the camp.

We have many many photos from the camp and during this coming week I will upload some of these and give a bit more information on the camp, the kids and how much fun we had!


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Christmas Shoe Box Appeal 2016

For many years now Kings Church Horsham have served the Stupinikids project and one of many amazing thing they have done has been sending shoe boxes across every Christmas and just blessing the kids here. Below is a video of their Christmas Shoe Box appeal for this Christmas 2016. For more information please contact Kings Church Horsham. Please click on the link below to view their latest video

Kings Church Christmas Shoebox Appeal

Shoebox Appeal 2016 from Kings Church Horsham on Vimeo.

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New Season for Stupinikids

In the summer the CVN building where the Stupinikids have met in over the last 12 years was sold. Although only a building it has served its purpose in seeing many kids passing through the building and being blessed with the homework club.

Although it is a mixture of sadness and excitement in seeing this building being sold. Sadness that the building has gone but also excitement in what the future brings.

The homework club has now relocated temporary to the CBV church offices where so many people have helped and refurbished  the building. So now we have a room for the creche and a large room for the homework club.

A beautiful room for the creche

A beautiful room for the creche

Our activities and vision stay the same but only our location has changed.  The aim is to relocate to the Stupini area when the right location at the right price comes available.

Our current activities still include running the homework club, the creche and the food bank.

We now look forward to this season as we continue this vital ministry.

If you want to give your kids the dream party they want, you can contact Race Party (boys birthday party ideas) at (03) 9882 1391.

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Andy & Liam’s Arctic Circle Trip

Andy Robinson has been involved in the Stupinikids for over a decade now and this month he is organising a fundraising trip to the Arctic Circle in support of the Stupinikids. The following article is written by Andy and taken with his permission from his fundraising page;

“Many of you will know that I have been involved in the nation of Romania for a decade now. I usually travel there 2 or 3 times a year and have a particular love and connection with a group of under privileged kids we call the STUPINI KIDS.

These kids are the most loving and caring kids I have met despite living in poor and cramped conditions, few possessions and little chance of completing there education. We, as a church, have been financially and practically committed to the Stupini Kids Project which is designed to help them finish school, gain qualifications and get jobs. The project employs 2 teaching staff as 2 pastoral staff which provide the children with both support and improved education. it works too! Many kids are now graduating high school and some have even gone onto university!

The program has lost several sponsors in the last 12-18 months and so in order to close the gap I decided to raise money for them as I do my motorbike ride into the arctic circle and the northern most point of the European mainland with my friend Liam. EVERY PENNY YOU GIVE WILL GO TO THEM as I am financing the trip expenses myself.

It is a 5,000 mile trip and so I am looking to raise £5,000 … just £1/mile.

Please if you can help give anything personally or as a company please, please do.

Many Thanks


PS: You can follow our progress on Twitter or Instagram@50cities


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A Volunteers View

Hi all,
My names Tom Jones and for the past 2 months i have been a volunteer at the Stupini kids homework club and over the next month i will be letting you know all about the things i have been / am getting up to. So first up a quick summary as to what i’m doing here.

I came out to Romania to serve the Centrul Crestin Brasov church after getting in contact though my own church back in England. One way they suggested i do this is by helping out at the homework club for children living in Stupini. At the moment i serve at another organisation, Diaconia, in the morning and get to CVN at 1pm, helping children aged around 8 – 14 with Maths and then children aged 14 and over with Maths and English.

Now each of the following posts will have a theme: coping with a foreign language and my relationship with the kids; visitors who have come in the time that I’ve been here; and hopefully more when i think of new stuff…

So i hope all that i’ll write will be helpful in letting you know more about what goes on here and how this wonderful organisation does so much for these kids!

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Horsham Team visit the centre

October seems to be quite a busy month with visits and to make it even more special we were delighted to have Andy & Hazel Robinson, Nick and Josh & Jenny visiting the centre and spending time with the kids.


Andy Robinson is the pastor from Kings Church Horsham and the people from Kings Church Horsham have been supporting the centre for years.

The kids have known Andy for years now with some of the teenagers who come to the centre now were toddlers when Andy started coming. The kids certainly had a great time hanging out with the Horsham guys and saddest part was when they had to leave. But it is always good to know they will be back.

andy in stupini

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Isle of Wight Guys Visit the Centre

In the beginning of the October a team from the Isle of Wight visited the centre as they do every year. This year 8 guys came bringing lots of donations from the Isle of Wight.


For a few of them this was their 10th Anniversary in making the annual trip to Brasov. So thanks Steve Marsh and team for making this effort over the last 10 years and a deep thank you for the generosity from the people of the Isle of Wight. Although many people who made these donations probably have never set foot in Romania we are extremely grateful of you thinking of us.

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The team brought many different types of donations including clothes, medical supplies stable foods and they even even bought a washing machine for the centre as the centre’s one had just broken and was beyond repair.


Thanks Guys!!


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Back to School September 2014

With the long Romanian summer holiday now come to a close the kids have now started school in September.

The start of school means the full programme of homework club starting.

This year we have approximately 20 to 30 kids who have started coming to the homework club and downstairs we have the creche where currently we are having about 7 toddlers coming along.


With this new year we look forward to excitement as have a positive impact in these kids lives.


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Stupini Camp 2013 Update

One of the volunteers from produced a video diary of the Stupinikids Camp. So you wondered what we got up to have a peak at this video. Thanks to Mr Eddie Robinson for his technical skills and of course allowing us to share it


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