The Liquid Review: February - Mid-March

March 17 2022

The Liquid Review

Happy Thursday folks,

I find myself in an odd place with this month’s update, at the crossroads of a competitive video game organization and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in clear violation of international law and custom. I won’t pretend to be the first person to reach this intersection; s1mple’s call for peace at IEM Katowice made international headlines, and Nazgul immediately offered apartments to community members who cannot go home due to the invasion - including StarCraft player SKillous. I also won’t pretend that this is the only international crisis that has impacted Esports.

Still, I feel compelled to acknowledge Russia’s unprovoked acts of war in Ukraine in this post for two reasons: 1) it’s the right thing to do; and 2) it has led some tournament organizers to postpone matches where Liquid is competing. There it is.

With that aside, Team Liquid still plays competitive video games, and I’m here to pull all of them together into one massive listicle to track what Liquid has been up to in the past month, and what their plans are for March. And February was a doozy. Season 2 of Liquid+ officially began, LCS fans voted Team Liquid as the most well-run franchise in the league, paszaBiceps captained Liquid’s virgin voyage into the world of MMA.

While we’re at it, congratulations to Seth and the rest of the team in charge of Liquid’s various YouTube channels for reaching more than a million views on multiple videos, a new milestone for Liquid. And the content will keep on coming, thanks in part to LyviaXO, the officially crowned winner of “A Fan Above.” There’s so much more to talk about, but with a month and a half of results to catch up on, let’s just get to the good stuff.*

*Quick Reader's Guide: If you want to catch up on one particular game rather than them all, feel free to ctrl+f the game's title.

League of Legends // Results:

  • LCS - 8-3

    • 100T - L

    • IMT - W

    • C9 - W

    • FQ - W

    • EG - W

    • CLG - W

    • GG - L

    • DIG - W

    • TSM - W

    • 100T - W

    • IMT - W

    • EG - W

    • C9 - L

  • Academy - 21-15

    • 100T - 1-1

    • IMT - 2-0

    • C9 - 0-2

    • FQ - 1-1

    • TSM - 1-1

    • GG - 0-2

    • DIG - 1-1

    • CLG - 1-1

    • FQ - 2-0

    • 100T - 2-0

    • IMT - 2-0

    • EG - 2-0

    • C9 - 1-1

    • TSM - 1-1

  • Champion’s Queue

    • Armao - 8th (20 points)

    • Yeon - 14th (10 points)

    • Hans sama - 21st (10 points)

    • CoreJJ - 28th (5 points)

    • Eyla - 32nd (5 points)

    • Santorin - 45th (5 points)

    League of Legends // Ahead:


    • CLG - Saturday, March 19th at 18:30 EDT

    • FQ - Sunday, March 20th at 21:30 EDT

    • GG - Friday, March 25th at 22:30 EDT

    • DIG - Saturday, March 26th at 18:30 EDT

    • TSM - Sunday, March 27th at 18:30 EDT


  • Proving Grounds

    • Winthrop University - Monday, March 21

    Blink and you’ll miss it. This past month and a half, fresh off our second straight Lock-In Championship, Liquid jumped into the season full speed ahead. And in unbelievably important news, CoreJJ got his green card! Now that he’s a permanent resident of the United States, Jo Yong-In can officially play for Team Liquid without being considered a non-resident player. And this wasn’t just a foregone conclusion. According to Dodo, Liquid’s General Manager, it came down to the wire. Without the hard work of Dodo and the rest of the staff at Liquid, we could be living in a timeline without Core at all–if Core didn’t get his green card, he probably would have retired.

    Through the first six weeks of LCS, Liquid excelled, despite a few speed bumps. A stumble out the gate against 100T lit a fire under Liquid, sparking a five game winning streak until the team boiled over, fumbling against 7th place Golden Guardians. Liquid went on another winning-streak, but looked mortal with some bone-headed errors against CLG, Immortals, and EG. The squad was able to push through these mistakes, insufficiently punished by teams in the bottom half of the standings.

    Mistakes like these would prove TL’s mortality when they faced Cloud9, their lone rival at the top of the standings. The game began with a catastrophic teamfight around Rift Herald, and while Liquid stabilized mid-game, a string of individual deaths gave the game back to C9, spelling doom for the Squad. Still, the season continues; Liquid has two more weeks to improve and solidify our spot as the best team in the LCS before playoffs begins. That’s right - two weeks. By the end of the month, the regular season will be over, and Liquid will be preparing to battle in playoffs for a spot at the first international tournament of the year.

    Meanwhile, Liquid`Academy has officially finished the absolute grindstone that is Academy Group Stage. After 36 games in 8 weeks (no, really), the Academy team finished in 4th with a record of 21-15. They went on a streak of 1-1 finishes and then had a commanding stretch of 2-0’s once star support Eyla returned to the lineup. With the elimination of Academy Playoffs, this finish earned us a spot in the upper bracket of the LCS Proving Grounds, which started this past Wednesday.

    Lastly, I’ve been keeping an eye out on our boys in Champions Queue. Like a stairmaster, Champions Queue tricks reclusive gamers into an endless, sweaty climb with promises of paid-off dividends down the road. But unlike a stairmaster, it doesn’t cost $6,000 (no seriously, look it up, they’re so expensive). Instead, Champions Queue incentivizes pros and semi-pros to take solo-queue seriously, paying out a ludicrous $400,000 over the course of the year across six splits and an extra “pre-season brawl” this winter.

    Here’s the simplified process: The “Spring Season” lasts from February to late-May, and it includes three “splits,” lasting about a month each. Every split pays a cash prize to the top 10 finishers, and awards points to the top 50. After the third split finishes, the 10 people with the most points cash out on a share of a bigger prize pool. Then, the process repeats for the “Summer Season” from late-May through September. Bottom line, Armao climbed high enough to finish in the top 10; Yeon and Hans sama each placed in the top 25; and CoreJJ, Eyla, and Santorin all got top 50. The whole thing started again this past Monday, and it’ll last through mid-April.

    DotA 2 // Results:

  • DPC Western EU Tour 1 Regional Finals - 2nd

    • Upper Semifinals - 2-0 vs OG

    • Upper Finals - 2-0 vs Gladiators

    • Grand Finals - 1-3 vs Gladiators

  • DPC Western EU Tour 2: Division 1

    • 0-2 vs Secret

    DotA 2 // Ahead:

  • DPC Western EU Tour 2: Division 1

    • OG - Saturday, March 19 at 13:00 EDT

    • Brame - Tuesday, March 29 at 12:00 EDT

    • Entity - Tuesday, April 5 at 9:00 EDT

    • Tundra - Saturday, April 9 at 9:00 EDT

    After losing yet another major to the jaws of SARS-CoV-2, Liquid began the replacement “Regional Final” tournament in February with a bang. The DotA team cleaned up OG in a quick 2-0, with less than 65 minutes of gameplay, and cruised through a young Gladiators squad 2-0 to reach the grand finals. But then something clicked for the Gladiators, and they beat us comfortably in the grand finals 3-1.

    But Liquid has used the rest of the month to sharpen its skills in preparation for the second tour of the Western EU DreamLeague. The new season started this past Tuesday against Sumail and the rest of Team Secret. It did not go well. Liquid kept it close in the first game, but got bullied off the map in game 2. DreamHack has only scheduled four of the six weeks of matches so far, but Liquid finishes this week out against OG, then comes back at the end of the month and the beginning of April for matches against Brame, Entity, and Tundra. That leaves our revenge match against Gladiators for the end of the season.

    Rainbow 6 Siege // Results:

  • Six Invitational 2022 - 5th

    • Upper Quarterfinals - 2-0 vs FaZe

    • Upper Semifinals - 0-2 vs TSM

    • Lower Quarterfinals - 0-2 vs MiBR

    Rainbow 6 Siege // Ahead:

  • Brasileirão 2022 - Stage 1 - March 26 - April 17

  • A line from Taylor Mali’s poem, What Teachers Make, keeps coming back to me: “I can make a C+ feel like a Congressional Medal of Honor / and an A- feel like a slap in the face.”

    After the Six Invitational: 2022, Liquid is the 5th best team in the world, and it feels disappointing. I think most of the disappointment stems from how well we were playing in the group stages and the quarterfinals. We went undefeated in the group stage, and cruised through FaZe in the quarterfinals. But after two tight overtime losses to TSM, we got absolutely rocked on Bank against MiBR, and fell apart in overtime on Oregon.

    There’s nothing to do about it now but learn from defeat, and get back on the horse. Brasileirão starts back up on the 26th. The individual match schedule hasn’t been announced yet, but in a week and a half, Liquid`Siege is back, minus one head coach. Silence announced his retirement from the head coach position at Team Liquid. Silence helped build a legacy of excellence for one of Team Liquid’s first Brazilian squads. Liquid will miss him dearly, but he said it best: “I am, and will always be, proud to scream #LetsGoLiquid, and proud to wear this sacred crest on my chest.”

    CS:GO // Results:

  • BLAST Spring Play-In Stage - 10th

    • 0-2 vs Na’Vi

  • IEM Katowice - 13-16th

    • Round 1 vs FaZe - 1-2

    • Lower Round 1 vs G2 - 0-2

  • RMR Open Qualifier 1 - qualified!

    • Team Liquid - 16-2 Levitate Esports on Vertigo

    • Team Liquid - 16-0 Bigger Rigger Esport on Vertigo

    • Team Liquid 2 - 0 Strife Esports

    • Team Liquid - 19-16 Team oNe on Mirage

    • Team Liquid - 14-16 Complexity on Vertigo

    CS:GO // Ahead:

  • ESL Pro League Season 15 Group Stage - March 23-27

    • BIG - Wednesday, March 23 at 14:30 EDT

    • GOD - Thursday, March 24 at 14:30 EDT

    • Riders - Friday, March 25 at 11:00 EDT

    • Partyz - Saturday, March 26 at 11:00 EDT

    • Gambit - Sunday, March 27 at 13:30 EDT

  • PGL Major Antwerp 2022: American RMR - April 11 - 14

  • BLAST Premier Spring Showdown - April 27 - May 1

  • February did not treat Liquid`Counter-Strike kindly. A quick 0-2 from Na’Vi led to a 10th place finish at BLAST. At IEM Katowice, Liquid provided a spark of what this team can look like, opening the tournament with a strong win against FaZe on Mirage. But it was all downhill from there. Over the next four maps, Liquid went 0-4, failing to get to double digits on any of them.

    But I’m here to deliver some much needed hopium to languishing Liquid fans. Simply put, Na’Vi is one of the best teams in the world. S1mple and co. have had more than a full year to build synergy, and Liquid just got back together this month. The same can be said about IEM. We lost to FaZe and G2–the two finalists in the whole tournament. I mean, that makes us technically third, right? Right???

    [image loading]

    Okay, I won’t go that far. Despite mopping up the first few teams in the open tournament for RMR qualification, Liquid still struggled against Brazilian side oNe, and dropped the best of one against Grim’s new team, Complexity. But the fact of the matter is that a brand new Liquid is still figuring out how all of the pieces of the roster fit together. They're also in an NA that's looking improved (EG also lost Party Astronauts). Give the guys a little bit of leeway, and hope for the best at ESL this month. With hard work and good practice, there is no reason Liquid can’t find its form and show great results against competition that doesn’t quite stack up to FaZe and G2.

    VALORANT // Results:


  • Protocolo: Gêneses 2022 - 1st!

    • Round of 16 - 2-0 MiBR Female

    • Quarterfinals - 2-0 Gamelanders Purple

    • Semifinals - 2-0 ODDIK Bright

    • Finals - 3-0 TBK Esports Female

  • VCT 2022 Open Qualifier 1 - DNQ

    • Round 1 - 2-0 Tropa Do Mata Rindo

    • Round 2 - 2-0 Agropesca Jacare

    • Round 3 - 0-2 LUSA White

  • VCT 2022 Open Qualifier 2 - DNQ

    • Round 1 - 0-2 SG Esports


  • VCT 2022: EMEA Challengers 1 Group Stage

    • 0-2 Gambit

    • 2-1 Na’Vi

    • 2-0 LDNU

    • 0-2 FPX

    • - 2-0 BIG

    VALORANT // Ahead:


  • VCT 2022 EMEA Challengers 1 Playoffs - TBD

  • Masters: Reykjavik - April 10 - 24 (with a top 3 finish)

  • Brazil

  • Girls On Fire #2 - March 19 - March 30 (unconfirmed)

  • VCT 2022 Game Changers BR Qualifier 2 - March 31 - April 3 (unconfirmed)

  • Eve Ascension–Amateur Women/Non-binary Tournament - March 19-20

  • The VALORANT Champions Tour kicked off in February, and Scream and Team took to the server with mixed results. Liquid dropped the first match against world finalist Gambit 0-2. But the EU side came back the next week to beat Na’Vi 2-1 in three close maps. Liquid once again surprised analysts and audiences alike with some really weird comps. Their Neon-based Haven comp looks galaxy brained, but their Bind comp might’ve been TOO big brained, collapsing in on itself in a close loss against NaVi.

    The VCT understandably postponed Liquid’s match against BIG in Week 3 due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. But come Week 4, Liquid won a tight 2-0 against London United (a Lithuanian team with an Italian coach), and finished off their group stage against BIG, winning Bind by a hair, and Split by a mile.

    There’s one more weekend left in the group stage, and even though Liquid isn’t playing, the matches will determine whether the Cavalry makes playoffs or not.The first place team gets a bye in playoffs, while 2nd and 3rd advance to the first round of playoffs. Liquid is 3-2, which puts them below 3-1 FPX, and above 2-2 Na’Vi and 2-2 LDN UTD. At the end of the day, four teams could end 3-2, with only 3 spots in playoffs for the group. RIOT hasn’t announced exactly when playoffs will take place, but Stage 1 Masters is set for April 10th in Reykjavik, so it has to finish up before then.

    Meanwhile, across the Atlantic Ocean, Liquid’s Brazilian VALORANT Squad stepped off the plane from their bootcamp in Europe and straight into the first qualifier for the Game Changers Protocolo Gêneses event. And Team Liquid obliterated the competition. Liquid won the tournament without losing a single map, earning a heap of qualifier points towards Brazil’s Game Changers Series 1, as well as a modest prize of $1,562.

    Liquid headed into the VCT Open Qualifier for the second split with momentum, and took down its first two opponents with clean 2-0 wins. But the Cavalry lost the reins against LUSA White in the quarterfinals, falling 13-8 on Breeze, and 13-9 on Icebox despite a strong attacking side. Liquid`BR took another stab at the VCT yesterday but fell short against SG esports, a team one match short of qualifying for the VCT last split.

    Still, the only thing to do is get back on the horse. There are two tournaments starting in March Liquid`BR will be eligible for, although it hasn’t been confirmed that the Cavalry will be competing in either yet. First up is the second Girls on Fire tournament, an 8 team tournament with a ~$3,000 prize pool for the top three teams, which will run from March 19 - 30. Then the second qualifier for the Game Changers Series 1 begins March 30th, where Liquid will presumably fight for more qualification points to the main event in July.

    Liquid will also host its first-ever VALORANT tournament, the Eve Ascension, this Saturday and Sunday. Liquid is collaborating with Galorants to make a Shojo space in the predominantly Shonen gun game that comprises VALORANT. Team Liquid’s tournament is open to teams of amateur women and non-binary players ready to compete on March 19 and 20.

    Quake // Results:

  • Quake Pro League 3 - [Rapha] 4-0 (11-1):

    • 3-0 Rapha vs psygib

    • 3-0 Rapha vs baSe

    • 3-0 Rapha vs Av3k

    • 2-1 Rapha vs cnz

    Quake // Ahead:

  • Quake Pro League 3

    • Week 5 Rapha vs ZenAku - Saturday, March 12th

    • Week 6 Rapha vs dramiS - Saturday, March 26th

    • Week 7 vs k1llsen - Saturday, April 9th

    • Week 8 vs cypher - Saturday, April 16th

    This past month, rapha showed why he’s the best FPS player to ever live. He has been crushing the competition in the QPL, outscoring his three opponents 180-83 over 12 maps. No, really, that’s the actual score. He averages about a 16-6 scoreline against the players who finished the Quake World Finals last year in 5th, 7th, 13th, and 17th place. It’s hard for me to describe how insane that is. Still, rapha has yet to play against world finalist RAISY or defending world champion venegeurR, which will take place in weeks 9 and 12, respectively. ZenAku will likely be his biggest challenge during March. The Australian had a disappointing quarterfinal finish at the World Championship last year, but he’s back at the top of the table after the first four weeks.

    WoW // Results:

  • Race to World First Patch 9.22 - March 8-???

    • Vigilant Guardian - March 9th, World 2nd

    • Skolex - March 9th - World 1st

    • Artificer Xy-mox - March 9th - World 1st

    • 2Dausegne - March 9th - World 1st

    • Prototype Pantheon - March 10th - World 1st

    • Lihuvim - March 10th - World 1st

    • Halondrus 🦀 - March 14th - World 1st

    WoW // Ahead:

  • Race to World First Patch 9.22 - March 8-???

    • Anduin Wrynn

    • Lords of Dread

    • Rygelon

    • Zovaal The Jailer

    Liquid’s first ever Race to World First has officially begun. If you’re like me, and you haven’t had a max-level WoW character since Wrath of the Lich King, you might find yourself kind of lost watching Race to World First. At its very simplest, 20 players in WoW group together in a raid to kill bosses. (21-22 including outside-of-raid leaders). There are three levels of difficulty: normal, heroic, and mythic. The “Race to World First” is a competition to be the first 20-person group to kill The Jailer (the final boss) on Mythic. (I’ve found it’s kind of like the Tour De France. Guilds might get kudos for being the first to kill some of the earlier bosses, but the thing that really matters is who kills Mythic Jailer first.)

    One of the coolest things about the race is that the top guilds use the platform as a chance to raise money for charity. Team Liquid has already raised almost $12,000 for Girls Who Code, an organization dedicated to closing the gender gap in tech.

    Led by raid leader Max, Liquid took to Azeroth on March 8th (is the game still played on Azeroth? It has been a LONG time since I’ve played), and Liquid`Guild began the grind to be the first group of gamers in the world to conquer the 11 bosses in the Sepulcher of the First Ones on Mythic. And when I say grind, I am not fucking around. After cruising through the first 5 bosses with a paltry 94 wipes, Liquid met Halondrus, the Robot Crab (official title). With a hellish blend of complicated mechanics, each one wiping the entire raid with just one error, Halondrus is already being called the hardest boss ever. It took Liquid 3 days and 357 (!!) tries, but that just made the buttery leg-meat of victory so much sweeter.*

    *As an aside, over the last few weeks, I’ve gotten increasingly drawn into the history of The-Cavalry-Formerly-Known-As-Limit. And with Liquid dropping two articles and approximately 150 pages of material on Liquid`Guild, there’s no shortage. Still, the Race to World First is the main event. Team Liquid’s Twitch channel is gearing up for what Liquid’s Tracy Parkes calls “[t]he largest single-scale event that Team Liquid has ever put on.” Even compared to Liquid Hacks and Pridefest, this event is going to be a “[t]otally different beast.”

    Smash Bros. Ultimate // Results:

  • Glitch: Infinite [Dabuz] - 5th

    • Dabuz 2-0 Vibes

    • Dabuz 2-0 BrandonBSaysWhat

    • Dabuz 2-0 Glory

    • Dabuz 2-0 Brr

    • Dabuz 2-0 Syrup

    • Dabuz 3-1 Beast

    • Dabuz 3-1 Goblin

    • Dabuz 2-3 Jake

    • Dabuz 2-3 Cosmos

  • Dabuz in Summit Ultimate 4 - [Dabuz] - 9th

    • Dabuz 3-0 Chag

    • Dabuz 3-0 BassMage

    • Dabuz 3-2 Tweek

    • Dabuz 2-3 MkLeo

    • Dabuz 1-3 ProtoBanham

    While Hbox practiced his best Joey impression, this month’s update is all about Dabuz. Swapping between Olimar and Rosalina as usual, Dabuz reached the Winners semifinals, dropping to the lower bracket 2-3 to Cosmos, and bowing out in 5th after losing 2-3 to talk-of-the-tournament Jake, who mains Steve, the Minecraft guy. Dabuz started Summit IV strong, finishing undefeated in a pool with Tweek and BassMage, which (unluckily) earned him an opening match against MkLeo. Dabuz was close to overcoming the best player in the world as well, but fell just short 2-3, dropping him into the lower bracket, where he ran out of steam, and dropped out of the tournament in 9th.

    Age of Empires IV // Results:

  • N4C - [DeMusliM] - 5-6th

    • DeMusliM 3-1 vs TheViper

    • DeMusliM 0-3 vs MarineLorD

    • DeMusliM 0-3 vs TheMista

    • DeMusliM 3-0 vs LucifroN7

    • DeMusliM 3-2 vs beastyqt

    • DeMusliM 1-4 vs beastyqt

    Liquid keeps getting more British! DeMuslim has joined the Cavalry as its first Age of Empires player.

    DeMuslim’s first test under the Liquid banner came through the N4C tournament, boasting a hefty $100,000 prize pool. A strong start against TheViper cooled off into two quick 0-3s against MarineLorD and TheMista. But DeMuslim was able to rally, and beat out both LucifroN and beastyqt to finish the group stage 3-2. This earned him a spot in the quarterfinals of playoffs, where he fell to VortiX 1-4.

    StarCraft II // Results:

    WardiTV Team Liquid Map Contest 8

  • Clem - 5th

    • Clem 1 - 2 Spirit

    • Clem 2 - 1 MaNa

    • Clem 2 - 0 DnS

    • Clem 0 - 2 Elazer

    • Clem 3 - 0 Prince

    • Clem 0 - 3 ByuN

  • uThermal - 17th-20th

    • uThermal 0 - 2 Prince

    • uThermal 1 - 2 Rattata

    • uThermal FF

    • uThermal FF

  • MaNa - 17th-20th

    • MaNa 1 - 2 Elazer

    • MaNa 1 - 2 Clem

    • MaNa 0 - 2 Spirit

    • MaNa 1-2 DnS

    IEM Katowice

  • Clem - 17th

    • 0-2 Maru

    • 0-2 Reynor

    • 2-1 Scarlett

    • 2-0 Zoun

    • 1-2 ByuN

  • uThermal - 25th

    • 2-0 Kelazhur

    • 2-1 Cyan

    • 0-3 ByuN

    • 1-3 Astrea

  • Kelazhur - 29th

    • 0-2 uThermal

    • 2-1 Has

    • 0-2 SKillous

    IEM Katowice didn’t go as planned for anyone on Team Liquid. uThermal and Kelazhur faced each other in the first round of the Round of 36, with uThermal prevailing 2-0. Kelazhur was able to knock off Has in the first round of the lower bracket before finishing 29th after an 0-2 loss to SKillous. uThermal gave himself two chances of qualifying to the main event, but lost 0-3 to Code S Korean Terran Byun, and 1-3 to American Protoss Astrea. Clem didn’t fare much better in the group stage of the main event. He was able to beat out both Scarlett (through a heroic comeback) and Zoun, and even kept it close with Byun in the final match. But Byun decided to almost singlehandedly eliminate Team Liquid from this tournament, and Clem finished 2-3 in the group, failing to qualify for playoffs.

    In lighter news, Team Liquid has a long tradition of coaxing the creative juices out of the StarCraft Community. This past month, Liquid teamed up with WardiTV to put on the WardiTV Team Liquid Map Contest Tournament 8. Clem, MaNa, and uThermal all took part in the tournament, and while MaNa and uThermal got pretty much obliterated,Clem snuck through his group, unluckily team-killing MaNa in the process. Our French Terran friend feasted in the first round against Korean Protoss Prince, but fell flat in the quarterfinals against long-time Code S Terran ByuN.

    Lastly, after just under two years, Liquid says goodbye to Harstem. The Dutch protoss has headed over to Shopify Rebellion, joining TLO again.

    Fortnite // Results:

  • FNCS Chapter 3 Season 1 Grand Finals

    • Stretch (NA) - 8th with TSM Commandment

    • Pulga (BR) - 17th

    • Felipersa (BR) - 19th

    • Suetam (BR) - 21st

  • Cash Cups (NA):

    • [Stretch] Week 4 Duos - 11th

    • [Stretch] Week 6 Duos - 10th

    • [Scoped] Week 6 Solo - 23rd

  • Cash Cups (BR):

    • [Suetam] Week 5 Duos - 16th

    • [Pulga] Week 5 Duos - 17th

    • [Suetam] Week 4 Solo - 22nd

    • [Suetam] Week 6 Duos - 6th

    • [Felipersa] Week 6 Duos - 10th

    • [Suetam] Week 6 Solo - 12th

    • [Felipersa] Week 6 Solo - 25th

    • [Suetam] Week 7 Duos - 4th

    • [Felipersa] Week 7 Duos - 5th

    • [Pulga] Week 7 Duos - 7th

    • [Suetam] Week 7 Solos - 19th

    • [Suetam] Week 8 Duos - 3rd

  • Alixxa in Twitch Rivals: Streamer Bowl III - 9th

  • I finally figured out how to track competitive Fortnite, and there is a lot of competitive Fortnite, you guys. Epic Games hosts Solo and Duo Cash Cups every week in every region, and Liquid fields players in Europe, North America, and Brazil, and over time, it starts to really tally up.

    On top of that, the first Grand Finals of the FNCS took place March 5th and 6th. In Brazil, Pulga, Felipersa, and Suetam all grabbed top 25 finishes with their respective duo partners. Meanwhile, over in NA, the Romeo-and-Juliet duo of Liquid`Stretch and TSM Commandment took a respectable 8th place, but ultimately fell short of their expectations.

    And last but not least, Alixxa represented Team Liquid in the Twitch Rivals Streamer Bowl, teaming up with Austin Ekeler and Narwhal to earn money for St. Jude’s Hospital. Alixxa and Co. finished in 9th place, earning $30,000 for the kids!

    PUBG // Ahead:

  • G-Loot - Season 5 - March 11-13

  • PUBG Continental Series 6: EU - April 29 - May 8

  • Liquid has said goodbye to ibiza as well as 7teen. Ibiza played for Liquid for just over 4 years, and 7teen coached for a little less than 3 years. In his place comes yet another Brit. Vard will kick off his time on the cavalry with a tournament lined up for April 1st. The fifth installment of the G-Loot Tournament kicks off in a couple weeks, and on the line is a $50,000 prize pool and the first cache of PGC points needed to qualify to the Global Championship later in the year. Later on in April will come the PCS 6, featuring the best teams in Europe playing 30 rounds of PUBG over two weeks. Those two tournaments account for fully half of the 4 events that teams will have to earn qualification points this year. While this first bundle has the least amount of points to divvy out, placing high will still boost Liquid’s chances of qualifying to the world championship of PUBG a great deal.

    Apex // Results:

  • FFL - Global Challenge - 3rd

  • Esports Arena: Series E Season 4

    • Week 7 - 8th

    • Week 8 - 8th

    • Week 9 - 6th

    • Week 10 - 17th

    • Week 11 - 10th

  • Esports Arena: Series E Season 4

    • Round 1 - 7th place overall

    Apex // Ahead:

  • ALGS Split 2 - March 12-27 - first maps begin 18:00 EDT

    • Round 2 - March 18

    • Round 3 - March 20

    • Round 4 - March 24

    • Round 5- March 27

    • Round 6 - March 28

    The ALGS was supposed to start back up on February 26th, but due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it was temporarily postponed. But the ALGS announced a super-condensed 2nd split for North America that will jam six rounds worth of matches into three weeks. Just like last split, Liquid will need to balance kills with high placements to earn points each round. Only the top 20 teams will make playoffs, where they’ll have a chance to qualify for international competition.

    After the first week, Liquid sits in 7th place. The Cavalry balanced a few stinkers with some impressive finishes, rounding off the last map of the day with 14 kills and a first place finish. Over the rest of the month, Liquid looks to build up its consistency, and climb to the top of the standings. They’ll have their next chance in Round 2, which starts tomorrow.

    There’s also a highlight from February, while the ALGS was still on hold. Liquid`Apex competed in the FFL Global Challenge, pitting Japanese teams against North American competition. Liquid was able to secure 3rd place in the tournament.

    Free Fire // Results:

  • Liga Brasileira de Free Fire 2022: Series A - Weeks 1-6 - 10th

  • Free Fire // Ahead:

  • LBFF Group Stage Weeks 5-8

    • Week 7: Saturday, March 19 & Sunday, March 20

    • Week 8: Saturday, March 26 & Monday, March 28

    • Week 9: Sunday, April 3 & Monday, April 4

  • Playoffs - April 16 (with a top 12 group-stage finish)

  • Just like that, we’re two-thirds of the way through the 9 week season of the Liga Brasileira de Free Fire, and Team Liquid is right in the mix of things. Each week, Liquid plays 12 matches across two days. The goal is to finish in the top 12, the cutoff place for playoffs in April. So far, Liquid sits in 10th place, with some hit-or-miss results. Still they have 3 more weeks of matches to improve their position, and solidify their place in playoffs.

    Rocket League // Results:

  • RLCS Closed Qualifier - DNQ

    • 2-3 vs 00 Nation DNB

    • 1-3 vs Luminosity

    • 1-3 vs WYLDE

    Liquid has settled on a Rocket League roster. The Fruity-Ronaky-Speed squad broke apart in October, 2021 when Flakes and AcroniK replaced Fruity and Speed. Then on February 11th, 14-year-old prodigies Oski and Atow replaced Flakes and Ronaky. Atow and Oski celebrated their 16th birthdays on February 22nd and 23rd, respectively, just days after failing to make it out of the closed qualifier for the RLCS. The team has only been playing together since November (they filled in for Ronaky and Flakes during the Monaco Gaming Show Tournament), but it still stings to fail yet again to qualify for the biggest event in Rocket League. But all the team can do now is practice until the first regional qualifier for the Spring RLCS in late April and early May.

    Hearthstone // Results:

  • Masters Tour 2022 Onyxia’s Lair - [DeadDraw] 3rd

  • [DeadDraw] Grandmasters 2022 Season 1

  • EMEA - [Bunnyhoppor] - 3rd

    Week 1 [Bunnyhoppor - 13-16th]

  • Group Stage

    • 1-3 vs Felkeine

    • 0-3 vs Rdu

    Week 2 [Bunnyhoppor - 1st]

  • Group Stage

    • 3-2 vs Floki

    • 1-3 vs Viper

    • 3-2 vs Floki

  • Playoffs

    • 3-2 vs GamerRvg

    • 3-1 vs DreadEye

    • 3-2 vs Fled

    Week 3 [Bunnyhoppor - 3rd]

  • Group Stage

    • 0-3 vs Seiko

    • 3-2 vs ZloyGruzin

    • 3-1 vsSuperFake

  • Playoffs

    • 3-0 vs Jarla

    • 0-3 vs Floki

    NA - [Fr0zen] - 4th

    Week 1 [Fr0zen- 1st]

  • Group Stage

    • 1-3 vs LeandroLeal

    • 3-1 vs Killinallday

    • 3-2 vs LeandroLeal

  • Playoffs

    • 3-2 vs GamerRvg

    • 3-1 vs DreadEye

    • 3-2 vs Fled

    Week 2 [Fr0zen - 13th-16th]

  • Group Stage

    • 0-3 vs Pascoa

    • 1-3 vs McBanterFace

    Week 3 [Fr0zen- 5-th - 8th]

  • Group Stage

    • 3-2 vs lunaloveee

    • 0-3 vs Nohandsgamer

    • 3-0 vs Fled

    • 1-3 vs Pun

    Hearthstone // Ahead:

  • Grandmasters 2022 Season 1 - Week 4 (Playoffs) March 17-20

  • DeadDraw in Masters Tour 2022 Two - March 18-20

  • Liquid`DeadDraw had a heck of a run through the Masters Tour 2022. He fought through 220 players to reach the semi-finals of the tournament before falling to Judgment. For his efforts, DeadDraw earned $7,000 and a spot in the second Masters Tour later this month.

    In the meantime, Grandmasters has started up again in both Europe and America, and Bunnyhoppor and Fr0zen have begun their respective journeys through the professional Hearthstone circuit. Each week, the 16 players in each league battled it out in mini-tournaments, beginning with a group stage, and ending in a single-elimination playoff. Players earned a certain number of points each week based on how well they finished, and the top 8 players with the most points in the league at the end of the three week regular season earned a spot in the playoffs during week 4, while the bottom 8 are relegated.

    Both Bunnyhoppor in Europe and Fr0zen in America qualified for playoffs! Bunny started slow, losing out in the first week 0-2. But Fr0zen was able to make it through the group stage by the skin of his teeth, and won the whole mini-tournament! Oddly enough, their fortunes reversed in week 2. Bunny was able to win the week out, while Fr0zen went 0-2 in groups. Then, in week 3, both Bunny and Fr0zen escaped their groups. Bunny reached the semi-finals, while Fr0zen bowed out in the quarterfinals. But both performances were good enough to earn a spot in the playoffs that take place this weekend, starting today.

    Teamfight Tactics // Results:

  • Mid-Set Finale

    • robinsongz - 23-24th

    • KurumX - 23-24th

  • Ramblin in Hextech Havoc: Double Up - 4th

  • Set 6.5 Innovation Cup

    • Robinsongz - 19th

    • GV8 - 26th

  • Golden Spatula Cup 3 - [AKAWonder] - 3rd

  • Teamfight Tactics // Ahead:

  • NA Regional Finals - [robinsongz] and [Goose] - March 25-27

  • (EU) Rising Legends: Gizmos & Gadgets - [AKAWonder] - Finals - March 27-28

  • At the beginning of February, robin and Kurum both finished the Mid-Set Finale with disappointing results. Kurum decided to take a break for the rest of the set, and robin was able to qualify through points earned by placing high at other events. So last up is GV8 (who may be going by Goose now if Liquipedia has anything to say about it). Although he did not qualify for the Challenger Series, Goose was able to place high enough on the ladder that he earned one of the last two spots in the regional final tournament. This puts Liquid with two shots at earning the right to represent North America at TFT Worlds.

    And over in Europe, AKAWonder was able to qualify for the Rising Legends Finals. The third Golden Spatula Cup took place last weekend, with the overall winner seeding directly into the finals. AKAWonder was able to finish the cup tied with two other players for first, but unfortunately he lost the tiebreaker, landing him in third. Still, that monster finish has landed him a spot in the European finals taking place at the end of the month.

    Writer // Tortious Tortoise
    Graphics // Stacey "Shiroiusagi" Yamada

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