Rebirth | Episode 2

March 07 2015

In conjunction with HTC, Team Liquid brings you a series that follows our League of Legends team through the wild life of the NA League of Legends Championship Series.

Dubbed Rebirth, our goal is to give the fans an inside look on the functions and dramas of an LCS Team. A light will be shined on the lives and trials of our players and you’ll get a raw look into the realities of pro gaming.

Following the turmoil in Episode 1 of Rebirth, Team Liquid found themselves with their backs against the wall, dropping 2 of the 4 matches played in weeks 3 and 4. Moving into week 5 of the NA LCS, a change needed to be made. Episode 2 of Rebirth continues right here; In the best interest of the team, Team Liquid decided to sub out their world champion marksman, Chae "Piglet" Gwang-jin, for their substitute Yuri "Keith" Jew.

Through Rebirth, you’ll get to see a more behind-the-scenes look of our team both in and out of the Rift. In week 5 and 6 of LCS, Team Liquid found success in Keith and went 3-1, only dropping a game to Winterfox while closing out games against former-sister team Gravity, and top seeded teams TSM & CLG. While the team finds success on the Rift, you’ll get a close look into what life is like outside of the game for FeniX.



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