Name: Joshua Ohm Age: Unknown Country: USA
  • @oSeecs 1-2 vs @paiNGamingCSGO and we’re out of @BLASTPremier showdown ggs Tired of seeing the negativity gonna stay off s… 25 days
  • @oSeecs Got my #LIQUIDxNaruto merch and it’s looking clean 👀 The drop launches on 3/31 at 12 pm PST 27 days
  • @oSeecs RT @GraveKevin: LFT Adv+ For next season and looking to find a new group of lads to game with. Roles I play are Anchor/Lurker DM me or mes… 27 days
  • @oSeecs @CounterStrike @fl0mtv @ohnePixel @GeT_RiGhT I can finally use these now Ty 🙏 35 days
  • @oSeecs RT @MonsterGaming: “If all our individuals are on point then the sky's the limit.” ~ @oSeecs @TeamLiquid’s AWPer discusses their 0-12 come… 37 days