Name: Miya Kim Age: Unknown Country: USA
  • @miyaalol @ScooopedLoL @lol_vital vital on aphelios? we lost 7 hours
  • @miyaalol @Pabu22 this was before BT change tho, maybe mid aphelios is viable with BT rush into viktor/azir lanes galeforce… 21 hours
  • @miyaalol @neutral_rin @parttimefluffy bottom lane the lane for bottoms (not me definitely) 21 hours
  • @miyaalol @Pabu22 i already played it mid a lot it's too hard vs challenger control mages but surprisingly good vs assassins. 21 hours
  • @miyaalol 17 dodged aphelios top lobbies... my bad I'll go back to bot lane srry. 21 hours