Name: Tristan Soyez Age: Unknown Country: Belgium
  • @Atowrl RT @raplume: 🚨 GREEN MONTANA vient de sortir un EP 2 titres inédits ! ▫️GINER MCKENNA ▫️92i MAYBACH 13 hours
  • @Atowrl @raplume Ginger mckenna banger de fou 16 hours
  • @Atowrl @_RapMinute @faykowww 17 hours
  • @Atowrl RT @Nwporl_: POV: you play 1v1 for a living 24/7 and get clapped by someone who is banned and yet still get more hyped than you 🤡 https://t… 2 days
  • @Atowrl @ArsenalRL 🤣 2 days