Get Ready for the Next Battle Liquid Enters Tekken

May 21 2019

Team Liquid has champions in all facets of competitive gaming. We’ve won world titles in multiple games and while grateful for our success, we always want more.

The Team Liquid x Curse merger was our first foray into the Fighting Game Community, and we’ve been blessed with amazing success through our talented players, past and present. Players who have cemented their place in history by claiming the most celebrated championships from Capcom Cup to Evolution.

If you follow the FGC, you should have noticed that one game in particular has shown massive growth over the last two years. This surge in popularity has been carried forward due to tremendous effort from it’s fan and players with an assist via increased developer support. The excitement and growth around this franchise can no longer be ignored and we’re extremely proud to announce: Liquid Tekken.

“It has been a little over a year ago since we made a commitment to not only Street Fighter, but also Japan, when we picked up John Takeuchi and NEMO. We really believe in the future of esports in Japan, with all of its history in gaming, and with today’s pickup of Gen we are doubling down on that strategy,” said Co-CEO Victor Goossens. “This latest version of Tekken has beaten all of our expectations and we believe it to be arguably the best Tekken ever when it comes to suitability for a competitive scene.”

Enter Liquid`Gen, The Kid.

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It is with great pleasure that we announce our expansion into Tekken 7 through our signing of Genki "Gen" Kumisaka. For those who have followed the scene for some time we know you’re excited to see Gen back in the mix.

Gen has been described as a child prodigy, an extremely gifted player forged in the South Japan arcade scene. In Gen’s first overseas expedition at only 14 years old, he found himself in the EVO Grand Finals for Tekken Tag 2 against a familiar face, multi-evo champion and Korean Tekken legend - JDCR.

“Gen’s father has competed in Tekken as well, and is his primary training partner today,” pointed out Goossens. “You could say it runs in their blood. For Liquid to be able to support this story in a way that allows Gen to commit to esports full time and show his prowess, is a fantastic way for us to enter Tekken. We have the utmost confidence that Gen can eventually fight for top placings in tournaments and we’ll be walking this path together with him.”

While we’re excited to bring Gen into the spotlight once more for the old Tekken heads, we’re equally as ecstatic to provide an opportunity for new Tekken fans to see what Gen has to offer. As part of the Team Liquid family, we will be sending Gen to many Tekken World Tour events this year so we hope to see you cheer him on in his quest to become the king of iron fist.

Get to Know Gen

It’s been about 1-2 years since you competed in Tekken. What have you been up to recently?

Upon becoming a senior in High School I made the decision to go to college so I spent all my time, including the time I should have spent practicing Tekken, studying for exams. I think I did well to hold out on not playing for a year after 10 years of playing Tekken.

Why did you decide to return to the Tekken Scene?

After my exams ended this spring, I played Tekken for the first time in a year and I could REALLY feel the negative effects of my one year hiatus. Tekken had become a game I couldn’t beat anyone at and I started to think “maybe it’s impossible for me [to come back]…” So despite it being my favorite game, I began playing Tekken less and less.

At that time an old friend of mine convinced me to go to a Tekken tournament for the first time in a very long time. While there, forgotten feelings [of competition] came rushing back to me.

Thoughts like “I don’t want to play because I can’t win” and “I don’t want to play because I just lose” never came to mind. I love Tekken so I play it. It's that simple. But at the same time I took the time to analyze the mistakes in my play that were preventing me from winning and was brought back to the version of myself that practiced and worked hard at Tekken.

What was your reasoning behind wanting to join Team Liquid?

This year I’ll be going to class on weekday afternoons. To be frank, when I discussed this with Team Liquid’s manager for the first time in a hotel room, I felt happy but was concerned about how they would respond to this.

Despite my worries, however, Team Liquid’s manager told me, “Since you’re a student please continue to focus on your studies. We’ll handle international tournaments in such a way that your travels won’t impact your studies!” Team Liquid was also the first team to offer to sponsor me once my exams were over. I have nothing but gratitude for this team that showed me kindness, gave me the perfect environment to compete in my beloved Tekken on a global scale, and sponsored so many [other players].

The Team Liquid that chose me truly is an amazing team. I absolutely believe I can grow here.











Team Liquidに入りたいと思った理由はなんですか?




Writer // Jeff Anderson

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