Farewell, PUBG!

August 26 2022

Farewell, PUBG!

This is a bittersweet post for Team Liquid, as we're announcing the end of our time in PUBG esports. We know this may come as a surprise, given our roster's scheduled appearance in PCS7 this September but we've spoken with the players. Both the team and staff knew this was coming since August 4th (and knew it was a possibility since January). The team will still compete in this event, but looking beyond the PCS7, the landscape of PUBG esports has shifted in a direction that we cannot follow.

As an organization and esports team, we’re governed by the financial realities of the scene, and as this industry grows it also changes. Those changes - in esports, business, and even international marketplaces - mean that we have to exit PUBG. We’ve been in PUBG for 5 years, dating all the way back to the days when the Battle Royale was untested, unproven, and routinely doubted. In that time, we worked with players, fans, casters, and others to build a beautiful community within this title and we take no joy in leaving it.

That’s the bitter end of why we’re here. The sweet side is that we’ve had 5 years of great times and achievements with our PUBG team. 5 years truly worth celebrating. With so many adventures and events under our belts, we want to walk through Liquid’s time in PUBG and send this squad off on a high note as they look towards their own futures. And we want to speak directly to the community through letters written by the people in Liquid who fought hard for PUBG and still love it to this day. Last, but not least, we’ll say goodbye with some favorite moments selected by the community members that kept us in PUBG all this time.

Thinking Back and Looking Forward

Team Liquid entered the PUBG ecosystem in 2017 with a roster of Ollywood, MOLNMAN, Hayz, and Scoom. At this point, the battle royale was more streaming phenomenon than esport, but TL saw an opportunity to give the new talent (and new format) a shot, and so the roster was formed. They made their debut at an event at Gamescom, and the rest was history.

In 2018, the squad had a great showing in the newly formed competitive scene, thanks to the addition of Ibiza and his 200 IQ plays. They took second place in both first and third person events at that year's PUBG Global Invitational, and first at both the StarSeries & i-League PUBG Season 2, as well as the Polaris Series.

When coach Tanner “7Teen” Curtis joined the squad in 2019, they all moved to a team house in Berlin, Germany to participate in the European PUBG League – which was broadly considered to be the most competitive region at the time. 7Teen has many fond memories of spending time with the team in their Berlin house.

"We had a lot of fun living in the team house in Berlin, throughout 2019," 7Teen said. "Lots of walks to döner [kebabs] and late nights playing music and watching Game of Thrones in the living room."

This was the first time some of the guys were living without parental supervision, so they had a lot to adapt to, living in a new country on their own. This led to hiccups even when it came to simple things like navigating public transportation.

Living and playing together paid off competitively speaking and helped TL to start strong in 2019. They won that year's Kickoff Cup in dominant fashion after coming off their previous out-of-town tournament in third place.

"We just absolutely stomped everyone," 7Teen said of the event. "We knew that it was our time to go. That week, there was this feeling that we were just going to dominate everyone. And we did."

That night at their house in Berlin, the squad celebrated their win. It was this night 7Teen remembers as the one that solidified them all as more than just teammates, but friends. It was also the last big victory they'd share in 2019. They managed to place third and then second in that year's PEL Phase 2 and 3, respectively, but couldn't keep that momentum going into the Global Championship in Los Angeles. Team Liquid didn't even make it out of the first round of this event, their worst tournament performance to date.

The entire world changed in 2020, and so our squad also had to adjust to our new reality. Everything to do with the game went fully online again, the team had several roster changes, and 7Teen was in the United States while the team members were all in Europe. But despite these changes and challenges, Team Liquid did their best to rise to the occasion.

"It was still a good time," 7Teen said. "It was much different because we weren't in person. But we really made strides to become a better team."

These strides included building up strength within the new roster. During their time in Europe, the Team Liquid squad had a fierce but friendly rivalry with FaZe Clan that continued throughout their tenure. One of FaZe's former players, mxey, joined TL in 2020 and became a core member of the ever-evolving team. With him in their ranks, Team Liquid took 3 consecutive second place spots in that year's PUBG Continental Series: Europe 2 through 4.

FaZe often had the upper hand in this years-long war of attrition, but our squad always put up a good fight. During the third phase of PEL 2019, 7Teen spent the entire night before prepping strategies to help his team get the upper hand on their rivals and didn't sleep a wink. They were already guaranteed second, but the coach was hungry to finally beat FaZe.

"We didn't, by the way," 7Teen said. "But we tried, we gave our best effort. And we gave the fans some really exciting moments of us, you know, hard dropping on them, or literally knowing exactly what route they were going to do and following them for one of the last games, just right on their heels the whole time trying to take them out."

(Team Liquid bridge camps FaZe in an act of defiance against their rivals.)

With COVID-19 restrictions easing up a bit the following year, Team Liquid PUBG made their way to Korea to compete in multiple events. The quarantine was "hellish," according to 7Teen, but the overall experience was more than worthwhile. TL managed to qualify for the finals of PGI that year during the last game, despite losing a player in the middle of the game and having to navigate multiple unfavorable circles.

"But [the team] was just like the train that couldn't be stopped," 7Teen said. "And it's just – it was an incredible moment in PUBG's history."

Every iteration of Team Liquid's PUBG squad has been fighters, that much is clear. Despite ups and downs, bumps in the road, and world-altering changes, this team has always given their all to improve and become the best they could be. As an org we tried to match that spirit, fighting to stay in PUBG for as long as we could, but eventually we hit our 16th round. With or without us, we know these players will take their dedication, fighting spirit, and love for the game with them in their future endeavors, and we wish them every success. No more silver medals, only gold.

A letter from Steve “LiQuiD112” Arhancet:

Dear PUBG community,

I'll start off by saying I'm not enjoying anything about writing this letter to all the fans that followed our team and players over the years. The amount of heart I have for our players over the last 5 years compares to the heart I have for League of Legends - the place where it all started for me. PUBG is a game I completely fell in love with - both as a spectator and a player.

There were so many good times! From the OG squad with olly, Molnman, Hayz, Scoom (for a laugh click on this link!) and then with ibi, Jembty, Sambty, then to Kaymind and later to mxey, vard and clib - and of course there’s Fuzz, competing against him and then having him coach the team! I spent so many nights with Tanner too, planning out our participation in Berlin and watching him grow within the TL organization. It’s awesome to see him working with so many of our other teams now.

But, most of all -- I freaking loved seeing our emotes being spammed in chat while our team played.

I saw so much love for our players and the team and I want to return that love to everyone who supported us as we competed. We've had some great highs, winning some big events - by the way, the trophy we have at the AWTF-EU is one of the coolest trophies I’ve seen - and of course the lows. The WAY too many 2nd places over the years.

With a love for the game, a love for the squad and a love for the fans - I couldn't ask for more from our time in PUBG and I wish we could stay longer. Unfortunately, the current economics of PUBG mean that we can’t do right by the league, the players, and the standards we hold for ourselves in the games we compete in. Perhaps there will be a day when we can come back, but for now we'll always be there in spirit and us leaving now doesn't take anything away from all the amazing memories over the last 5 years.

~ Steve “Liquid112” Arhancet

A letter from Jim "jeemzz" Eliassen:

Dear PUBG community,

Team Liquid changed my life when they gave me the opportunity to pursue a passion I never knew I had. I am forever grateful to have been taken care of by such a professional organization and the time I spent in Liquid will go down as the best time of my life.

~ Jim "jeemzz" Eliassen

A letter from Jord "ibiza" Geldere

I’m super grateful for the time I had in Team Liquid, they were always ready to support you if you needed anything and I appreciate how transparent TL was towards us. I spent a lot of years with TL and it always felt like home. Living in the team house in Berlin will always be seen as the best time I had in my life.

~ Jord "ibiza" Geldere

A letter from Keiron "Scoom" Prescott

It's super sad to see liquid leaving PUBG esports because for me Liquid = PUBG esports. Since the beginning, the organization has been involved and super passionate about PUBG. I was lucky enough to be involved at its inception at Gamescom, and to have an amazing run in 2018. I think we were one of the best and most consistent teams in PUBG history, and we couldn't have done it without Liquid backing us. It was an absolute honour to have participated and to have played for Liquid. It's a big shame they are leaving and I think it will leave a massive gap. The Liquid Era of PUBG is one of the most well-known ones - 100%. So it’s sad to see, but I am still glad to look back and say that I was a part of it.

~ Keiron "Scoom" Prescott

A letter from Frederik “Gulden” van Guldener:

Dear PUBG community,

Before I joined the guys as their manager I was the community caster for the PUBG Europe League. To this date it’s still my best Esports memory. Sitting there right in the middle of the heart of the community that we all built - it felt amazing. We shared all the ups and downs from every single game they played together. We cheered them on, laughed at the occasional carflip, and even messed around a bit on the broadcast, creating our own memes.

The team house in Berlin was something special too and I’m really glad I got to enjoy it towards the end. Moving out was hard, but we made that fun too. I will never forget driving around in Berlin with a van full of blankets, pillows and mattresses that we gave away to the homeless. This part of my life will always be, in my mind, the good old days.

Thanks jeemzz, ibiza, sambty, jembty, clib, vard, mxey, Kaymind, Fuzzface, Einar and Tanner for your trust in me. It was an honor to be your team manager, thanks for literally changing my life for the better.

Special thanks to all the unsung heroes behind the scenes, too. Danana, Fergard, Canelleke, Erika, Fapster, Iversn, Miffy, Tessimi and teszy. The amount of effort and passion you all put into the community was unmatched. We’ve built something amazing together and it would not be possible without every one of you.

~ Frederik “Gulden” van Guldener

A letter from Tanner “7Teen” Curtis:

Dear PUBG community,

PUBG has been and forever will be one of the best chapters of my life. With today's announcement I want to take the time to say thank you.

Thank you to Bluehole, Krafton, PUBGcorp, Player Unknown, and all of the staff and developers who made this journey possible - a journey that has taken me to over 10 countries and 4 continents. You created an incredible game. The first Battle Royale to go viral; the first Battle Royale to succeed as an esport. It's because of you that I have a career. It's because of you that I've met so many incredible people that I call friends. It's because of you I've gained valuable life experiences.

Thank you Team Liquid. You trusted me to lead the direction of this program and always trusted me to make the right decisions - oftentimes with no questions asked. When we wanted to bring a camera man as an extra person to events you let us pick the person and incurred the costs without complaint. When we asked for something, you always made it happen. Steve, John, Brittany, Zpikey, Gulden, and Dom, you have cultivated so many endless memories - you gave me and the team so many moments that you'll never know we had, but wouldn't have happened without you.

Thank you to the fans who supported us. Who cheered for us at the live events and spammed Twitch chat for the online ones. You made this special. You created the energy. You made it worth it.

Thank you to the friends I've made. You're what I'll hold on to. Our nights in Berlin at Matrix post-tournament. Our afterparties, celebrating our efforts regardless of results. These memories will last a lifetime. There are too many names to share but just know that I'm thinking of you.

Most importantly, thank you to the players. jeemzz, ibiza, jembty, sambty, mxey, kaymind, clib, even pixel and vard. You guys are why I do what I do today. To be a part of a team, there's no better feeling for me. Just 5 people working towards a common goal, wanting to win no matter the cost.

~ Tanner “7teen” Curtis

Fan favorite moments

One of my personal favorite moments was jembty back in 2019 during GLL with his spray triple kill after jumping down from a balcony. jimbo's reaction was priceless too during that moment.


My favorite moment goes back to 2018 when ibi was jumping off a cliff to get the final kill and win a game in phase 9. It was such a nice and impressive play. I haven't really seen anything like it and still remember it like it was yesterday.


A video from the broadcast perspective

A video from the team's perspective

The big favorite moment of mine was the 16th game of weekly survival, week 6 of PGI.S, no doubt. I still shiver when rewatching it, probably the most emotional moment of mine in the entire time I’ve watched PUBG Esports


And to leave off, here are some behind-the-scenes moments, captured by Gulden - a folder of memories from the golden age:

Click Here

这是一个令人五味杂陈的时刻,很遗憾地告诉大家,我们在PUBG这个项目的时间走到了尾声。鉴于9月战队还有PCS 7的赛程,这个消息或许会让很多人感到惊讶,但我们在8月4日已经和分部的选手与工作人员进行了沟通(事实上,早在年初他们就已经知道有这个可能)。战队仍然会如常参与PCS 7的比赛,但在此之后的PUBG电竞规划已向着我们无法跟随的方向而去。

作为一家电子竞技俱乐部和战队,我们受制于项目生态资金流的现实,这些制约会随着产业的发展而变化。这些发生在电竞产业,商务运作,甚至全球市场的变化,使我们不得不离开PUBG。我们在这个项目耕耘5年,最早可以回溯至Battle Royale还没有测试,并未受到认可且被广泛质疑的时候。彼时,我们与选手,粉丝,解说和其他业内人士协作,一同围绕着这个游戏建立了一个美好的社区,离开它令人感到非常的难受。



2017年,TL与由Ollywood, MOLNMAN, Hayz, Scoom组成的首个阵容进入PUBG。彼时,Battle royale 电竞项目尚在萌芽,与直播的火热无法相较而言。但我们从中看到了机会,想给予新选手们们施展身手的机会,由此组成了PUBG分部。战队在Gamescom的一次活动中完成了首次亮相铸就了整个故事的开端。

2018年,在新成员Ibiza和他IQ200的表现下,战队在这个全新的竞技项目中大展身手——在当年的PUBG全球邀请赛中获得了第一和第三人称赛事的第二名。并在Star Series和i-League PUBG第二赛季,以及Polaris系列赛中荣获第一名。




同吃同住对战绩的加成效应非常明显,使TL在2019年有了一个强势的开端。在首次离城参加大赛取得第三名后,他们展现出了无比的统治力拿下了当年的Kickoff Cup。





这些进步包括为新阵容增添竞争力。在欧洲的时候,TL与FaZe有着激烈而又友好的竞争,这种竞争贯穿始终。2020年,一名前FaZe选手mxey加入了TL并成为了这支始终不断成长的队伍的核心成员。在他加入后,TL在当年PUBG 欧洲赛区4个阶段的比赛中连续拿下三个第二名。

在你争我夺的那段时光里,FaZe常常占据上风,但我们也毫不示弱。2019年 PEL第三阶段的比赛中,7Teen彻夜不眠地准备策略,以期帮助队伍在对手面前占得先机。当时他们已经稳拿第二名,但教练很渴望能够最终击败FaZe。



第二年COVID-19所带来的禁制有所放松,TL PUBG分部去到韩国参加了多项赛事活动。按7Teen的说法,原地隔离是“地狱式”的,但整个赛事体验却十分的值得。那年TL在最后一局中成功晋级PGI决赛,即便在比赛中途失去一名成员且一直承受着赶圈的命运。


有目共睹的是,TL PUBG分部每一代成员都是战士。尽管有起伏,有颠簸,遭遇翻天覆地的变化,这支队伍总能全力以赴不断精进,努力做到最好。作为一个俱乐部,我们试图追赶他们的步伐,尽可能留在PUBG,但最终我们未能如愿。 不过不管有没有我们,我们知道这些选手会将他们的奉献精神,战斗精神与对这款游戏的热爱带到他们未来的工作中,我们祝愿他们一切顺利。告别银牌,拥抱金牌。




我们有过太多美好的时光!从建队成员olly, Molnman, Hayz, Scoom开始,而后Ibi,Jembty,Sambty,还有Kaymind,以及Mxey,Vard和Clib——当然还有Fuzz,和他较量,而后又有他指导战队!我和Tanner一起度过了很多个夜晚计划着我们在柏林的发展,眼看着他与TL一同成长。现在看到他与我们许多团队合作,真的很棒。


我看到了那么多大家对我们选手与战队的热爱,也希望在大赛中把爱回报给支持我们的每一个人。我们建立了不少杰出的里程碑,在一些大赛中崭露头角——顺便说一下,我们在AWTF EU的奖杯是我看到过最酷的奖杯之一,当然我们也经历过低谷。那些年,实在太多的亚军。


~ Steve “Liquid112” Arhancet




~ Jim "jeemzz" Eliassen





~ Jord "ibiza" Geldere



看到TL离开PUBG让我超级难过,因为对我来说Liquid=PUBG电竞。从项目诞生的一开始,俱乐部就参与其中,对它有着超级的热情。我很幸运能在Gamescom参与了建队,并在2018年度过了精彩的时光。我想我们是PUBG历史上最好和最稳定的队伍之一,而没有TL我们绝不可能做到这一点。能够参与大赛并为TL效力是一种荣耀。TL的离开是一个巨大的遗憾,我想这会留下一个巨大的空白。PUBG TL时代毋庸置疑是最富盛名的时代之一。因此我很难过,但回过头来我依然很高兴能在回顾往昔时说自己曾是其中的一员。

~ Keiron "Scoom" Prescott



在我作为经理加入PUBG分部之前,我是PUBG 欧洲联赛的社区解说。时至今日,那依然是我最棒的电竞回忆。坐在我们共同建立的社区的中心感觉十分奇妙。我们一同分享他们参加的每一场比赛的起起伏伏。我们为他们加油,为偶尔的翻车而放声大笑,甚至在直播中捣蛋,创造属于我们自己的梗。


感谢Jeemzz, ibiza, sambty, jembty, clib, vard, mxey, Kaymind, Fuzzface, Einar 还有 Tanner对我的信任。很荣幸能成为你们战队的经理,感谢你们切实地改变了我的人生,使它变得更加美好。

我还要特别感谢所有幕后的无名英雄们——Danana, Fergard, Canelleke, Erika, Fapster, Iversn, Miffy, Tessimi 和teszy。你们投入社区的努力与热情是无可比拟的。是你们让这一切非凡的成就成为了可能。

~ Frederik “Gulden” van Guldener




感谢Bluehole, Krafton, PUBGcorp,素未谋面的玩家们,以及使这个旅程诞生的所有工作人员和开发者——它带我走过了10多个国家和4大洲。你们创造了一个令人难以置信的游戏——首个火遍全球的大逃杀游戏,首个成功成为电竞项目的大逃杀游戏。正因为有你们我才有了自己的事业。因为你们,我认识了那么多不可思议的朋友。也因为有你们,我获得了宝贵的人生经验

感谢TL,是你们的信任使我能够引领这个项目的发展方向,你们全然地信任我会做出正确的决定——从不质疑。当我们需要带一个摄像师作为编外人员参加活动时,还让我们自己选择喜欢的摄影师。当我们提出要求的时候,你们总能给出回应。Steve, John, Brittany, Zpikey, Gulden, 和 Dom 你们带来了这么多的回忆——你们给我和战队带来美好的时刻,这一切都是因为有你们的存在。



最重要的,我要感谢选手们jeemzz, ibiza, jembty, sambty, mxey, kaymind, clib, 还有even pixel和vard。你们是我今天工作的原因。5个人一起为共同的目标而努力,不惜一切代价想赢,对我而言,没有比成为战队的一份子更好的感觉了。

~ Tanner “7teen” Curtis











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