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News Archive
  The Liquid Review: August 2022 August gave Team Liquid fans a VALORANT miracle run that looks awfully familiar, a rare disappointing finish in the Quake World Championship, a rough DotA 2 major, an even rougher TSL, and of course, mustaches. It’s been a pretty up and down 30 days.
  The Road to Liquid+ Brazil At first glance this might look like a simple feature addition, but the Liquid+ Brazil launch is a big moment for Team Liquid. It marks the first non-English release we’ve ever done, and is a celebration of how much our Brazilian roster and fanbase has grown. Our Brazilian fans are some of the most dedicated in esports, and giving them this level of access to Liquid+ means they’ll get to join in the fun with the rest of us.
  We’re Bringing Liquid+ to Brazil Today, we’re proud to announce that Liquid+ will now feature a Portuguese language option!
PUBG   Farewell, PUBG! After 5 beautiful years, we're announcing an end to Liquid PUBG. We still have a deep love for this game but ultimately, we can't keep up with the changing economics of the scene. Though we're sad to leave, we're also happy to reflect on how good a run we had. To see letters from the the team, the staff, and Steve - as well as a history and some behind-the-scenes moments, please read the full article.
Rainbow Six | Valorant   R6 & TL: A história de ziGueira | ziGueira’s story Leia em Portuguese and read in English! From Golden Eye to Battlefield 4 to Rainbow 6 to Team Liquid, this is the story of ziGueira. The player who introduced Rainbow 6 and Liquid to Brazil, who introduced the Brazilian scene to the world, and who - even in retirement and fatherhood - can't stop competing. Learn the past, present, and future of ziG!
Smash   The 6 Phases of Mang0-Hungrybox There is no rivalry in Melee - and maybe even in esports - like Hungrybox versus Mang0. This is a rivalry that spans over a decade, close to 100 sets, and across the shifting social sands of the Smash Bros. scene. It's a rivalry with a lot of history and a lot of stats, so naturally, we got one of Melee's leading historians and statisticians - Anokh" Edwin Budding" Palakurthi - to break it down into six phases, six graphs, and one story.
WoW   Going the distance: Maximum, RWF and ultra running For Maximum, few things compare to high-level WoW raiding. The challenge, the creativity, the great push of it. In esports, there's not a lot to match it. But in traditional sports, there's a niche, endurance sport that shares a kindred spirit: ultra running. Read more to find out how ultra running an RWF intertwine, as well as what motivates Max to raid long hours and how he goes about leading Liquid Guild!
CS:GO | Apex Legends   Meet Kei: A deep dive on TL's newest member For many Liquid fans, kei might just be a new name. The 20 year old content creator came into the org through unusual means: winning a gauntlet of a show called the Next Wave. If you've watched the show, you've gotten to know the humble aim-god called kei. But if you want to go even deeper, be sure to read our full interview with the Next Wave champion!
WoW   Trill: The Bridge Between In the WoW community, the clearest divide might not be Horde and Alliance. It might be PvP and PvE. The professionals often stick to one side of the divide because of the amount it takes to reach the top level in just one mode is truly wild. But there is one player that bucks the trend - a player that's a bridge between: Trill. Learn about how Trill bridges the chasm between game modes and plays both at the highest level.