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Valorant   The EMEA Preview: The Favorites The first EMEA VCT circuit of the year is set to start, but there are a lot of new faces and teams to catch up on. If you're feeling lost in the massive world of Valorant, this article can be your guide. TL's coaching staff, Sliggy and Bacon, go over the favorites in this leg of EMEA: Acend, Gambit, Liquid, Guild, Fnatic, and BIG.
League of Legends   Bjergsen: The Golden Mean In an interview concerning both past and future, Bjergsen talks about why he returned to mid lane, trusting teammates, returning to hard-carrying, and finding the golden mean of the ego. Along the way, the article walks you through Bjergsen's legendary domestic career, his battle with rising star jojopyun, and what lies ahead for Liquid.
League of Legends   Hans Sama: Change & Commitment Hans Sama came to Team Liquid for a simple reason: To make his deepest Worlds run yet. The young French competitor isn't happy with "almosts" anymore and sees in TL a roster that can go far. In this interview, he talks the move over from Europe, NA solo queue, troubles in Rogue, and the difficulty of turning anger into wins at the highest level.
League of Legends   Bwipo: Creativity & Consistency In coming to Team Liquid's squad of veterans, Bwipo seeks consistency. Not only in teammates but in his own playstyle. In this feature, the dynamic top laner explains his goals for his future playstyle as well as the roots of the creative and unorthodox style he's known for - going into his relationship with Hylissang, World of Warcraft, and League itself.
CS:GO | Valorant   Nitr0 Returns: Old Captain, New World The captain is back - but into a new world of Liquid and of CS. He's also bringing a great deal of new experience over from Valorant and 100T. Check out the full interview for why Nitr0 returned to CS, trying to court oSee into Valorant, his feelings on the current meta, how he approaches the IGL role, why Liquid struggles online, and much more.
Valorant   Team Liquid BR ingressa no VALORANT No dia 9 de Janeiro de 2022, a Liquid Entertainment, uma gravadora completamente real e não fictícia, irá debutar seu novo grupo chamado Team Liquid BR! Edição em Português.
  Last Year in Liquid Team Liquid has had a hell of a 2021. To sum it all up, we got help from a leading community member: Tortious Tortoise. Tortoise is a regular on TL's subreddit, serving up recaps on the TL action. This time, he's here to look into a bigger question. Was Liquid successful in 2021?
Valorant   Team Liquid BR Enters VALORANT Liquid Entertainment, the totally real and not fictional music agency, will be debuting their new group, Team Liquid BR, on January 9th, 2022!
  A Spotlight on our Fans Earlier this year, we launched Liquid+, a place where Team Liquid fans come together, with the intention of giving back to our fans and connecting with them.