Team Liquid is one of the largest esports brands in the West. Our players compete at the highest level in StarCraft 2, League of Legends, Dota 2, Hearthstone, CS:GO, Street Fighter, Smash, Fortnite, Rainbow Six, Quake and PUBG. Follow our news coverage as our players participate in tournaments around the world.
News Archive
PUBG   When Expertise Meets Uncertainty: PGI 2018 With twelve top-notch teams competing for $2 million, PUBG Global Invitational is the largest PUBG tournament in history. It's a huge leap forward for not only the game, but our very own roster.
Fortnite   Prepare for Liquid Drop! Get the squad together because Team Liquid is throwing a Fortnite fiesta! With challenges galore and 2 special guests, participants will be able to have a blasting good time and earn some V-Bucks along the way. If you're a wizard with nades, a bushwhacker, or just a really good shot, this is your time to shine. All platforms welcome!
Clash Royale   Boeufmac and JuicyJ Join Clash Royale Roster Join us in welcoming our latest members!
Street Fighter 4   Esports Law in Japan: An Introduction Japan is one of the meccas of gaming, yet esports growth has only exploded over the past year. Why? Because of strict laws. We introduce the subject while Nemo gives his opinion.
League of Legends   Rift Rivals: Battle of the West The time has come to (temporarily) set aside our differences, join together as one regional fanbase, and support the NA LCS as they strive to prove once again that NA is, in fact, better than EU! ITS RIFT RIVALS TIME!!
Smash   "It's gonna be weird." - Salem on Smash Ultimate Smash Ultimate is coming and "it's gunna be weird".
Clash Royale   Now Hiring: 2x Clash Royale Analyst and 1x Clash Royale Asst Manager We're set to compete in the inaugural Clash Royale League. We are looking for two (2) Clash Royale analysts and one (1) Clash Royale Assistant Manager. They must be organized, analytical, detail oriented individuals who will give our team a competitive edge during our players' stay at the Alienware Training Facility.
Smash   I'ma let you finish but Hbox is one of the best Melee players of all time Music is an important part of Hungrybox's daily routine, and his rise to stardom as one of the greatest Melee players of all time can be traced through the albums that he loved on the way up.
  From Concept to Completion: The Team Liquid Jersey The Team Liquid jersey is one of the most distinctive kits in esports. Lead designer Joshua Flowers discusses the process behind its design.